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PG Anaesthesia Suicide: Index Medical College Chairman, HOD-Anaesthesia Booked for Abetment

PG Anaesthesia Suicide: Index Medical College Chairman, HOD-Anaesthesia Booked for Abetment

Indore: For allegedly driving a medical student to commit suicide, the Chairman of Index Medical College along with the Head of the Anesthesia Department have been booked under IPC 306 for abetment to suicide.

The case relates to the suicide of Post-Graduate anaesthesia student, Dr Smriti Laharpure (32), a resident of Bhopal, who was found dead in her hostel room at the Index Medical College after she injected herself with a heavy dose of anaesthesia through intra-cath.

The deceased wrote a 12-page suicide note in which she accused certain officials who allegedly harassed her because she protested against the arbitrary hikes in fees.

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She clearly mentioned the names of the Chairman and the HOD in her suicide note, “I totally hold Mr Suresh Bhadoriya (chairman) and his management, along with Dr KK Khan (HoD), responsible for my death. I was going through continuous torture because of them,” her note stated

It is reported that the medical college management had given her the notice to deposit the fees amounting to around 9.9 lakh, which was suddenly raised from 8.55 lakh. Her father alleged that due to this only she had been feeling pressurized and was forced to take this drastic step.

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Dr Smriti had united many of the students and filed a case in the high court regarding the affiliation of the college, the father informed. Her father further alleged that the college management has been harassing her since the decision came in favor of the students.

On the court’s direction, the college has to pay the fees and other facilities to the students.

Furthermore, her co-workers told the police that some of the college associates used to harass her and she also had a dispute over the fee increase.

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“They (some officials) harassed us personally as well as over telephone to withdraw the case. The high court ordered the college to cut fees to original, but the authorities again told us to submit Rs 1.35 lakh. My HoD tortured me personally because she thought that I had actively participated in the court case,” the note said.

After investigating the said claims of the family members, colleagues and friends, as well as the suicide note, Khudel police registered a case against the accused duo, Suresh Bhadoriya and Dr KK Khan under IPC section 306 (abetment to suicide) and 34 (common intention), Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG-Indore) HN Chari Mishra confirmed to TOI.

In their defense, Khan claimed at a press conference, “We are not at fault in this case. The girl had many personal problems due to which she took the extreme step.”

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  1. When it comes to money, these private colgs behaves as they are gangsters….and when one becomes unit chief/ head his mentality changes & he thinks he has become a superman, but not….screw these buddaas

  2. People like dr. Smriti are equally to be blamed. U should get admission into a govt. College if you really have the potential .incompetent people should not complain about money . Sorry if I am being rude..but that\’s the truth…suck on it.

  3. user
    Dr.Soorya MD,PhD,MRCP,FRCP. July 11, 2018, 10:07 am

    i hope there is some action taken against such owners and HOD but is there any justice at all in this god forsaken corrupt country .RIP Dr.Smriti, these owners are either rapists or saddists as in this case so far nothing has happened in this country.

  4. These things regarding fees are well explained in private colleges. And a fees of 8.5 lacs is a big amount in itself. If her father can afford that much it means they are pretty affluent. If you were so fond of filing cases why don\’t you join government college where fees is 25 k. On the top of that you commit suicide. Total loss to your family. College would not be responsible for it. Take my words

  5. it\’s not right to comment on someone else\’s financial status, I think you should mind your own business regarding how \”rich\” they were. Looting a rich person is still looting. I think every student should fight for their rights, although suicide is not the way. My condolences to the family

  6. College ka dalal h kya tu,,woh govt college m hi padhi h isliye yeh torture nahi jhel payi..

  7. RIP – Management should not increas as they like and obey the court rule or mci order. they cannot cheat the public after they get permission to loot the society.

  8. @Jaykrishnan
    Have some shame and common sense. A young lady lost her life due to torture by head and management and you are shamelessly protecting management and declaring her psycho!?