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Phone Switched Off: JJ Hospital Dean Transferred to Kolhapur GMC

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Mumbai: Having his mobile phone switched off, has apparently taken a grim turn for the dean at JJ hospital. Recently, the State Medical Education Department transferred Dr SD Nanandkar, dean JJ Hospital to Rajarshee Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College in Kolhapur, citing his unavailability as the main reason.

Secretary, Medical Education, Sanjay Deshmukh confirmed to Mirror about the move and said that the state was forced to transfer Dr Nanandkar as he was often unavailable when needed.

“JJ is a big super speciality hospital. When high profile cases come or any mass disaster happens, the JJ dean should be reachable at all times. It’s a sensitive post. Unfortunately, Dr Nanandkar was unable to handle the post properly. So many times, he didn’t pick up my calls, half of the time he was not available at the hospital and nobody knew his whereabouts,” Deshmukh complained to the daily.

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The dean kept not one, but three numbers switched off, alleged the secretary. “He has three numbers but all three numbers were not reachable. Such an approach is not acceptable.”

The secretary also brought the recent doctors’ strike up and said that it was another reason for the transfer order. He told Mirror, “During the strike, many security guards who were posted in the casualty ward were shifted to the parking area to see that no cars from outside entered the hospital…Guards were needed inside the casualty wards, not in the parking area,”

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Dr Nanandkar had earlier been served two memos for not answering phone calls. The phone being not reachable further became an issue for the dean, when the secretary tried to dial his number to hear his version before issuing the transfer orders, his phone was once again not reachable. The official also cited the long absence of the dean stating that he was absent for 119 out of a total of 262 days on the job.

Dr Nanandkar’s transfer order was signed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Medical Education Minister, Girish Mahajan, Secretary of Medical Education Department, Sanjay Deshmukh and Dr Pravin Shingare, Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER).

The doctor, however, clearly denied the allegations, calling them baseless. When contacted, Dr Nanandkar confirmed to Mirror that he had been transferred to Kolhapur but denied allegations of being unavailable. “These are baseless allegations,” he claimed.

“I was always available in the hospital, we have a biometric system of attendance, but there were some issues with the punching system.” Explaining why he was often unavailable on the phone, Dr Nanandkar claimed that it was because there was no cell phone network in the dean’s chamber.


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  1. We the citizens of Mumbai have filed a petition on regarding the dismal and horrifying state of the Morgue at St Georges Hospital Dr . Nanandkar is an expert on Forensic Medicine but unfortunately had never paid a visit to the Morgue at St Georges hospital in his entire tenure. Having said that to give credit where it is due, the day we presented our petition in the office of the Chairman of the Maharashtra Sate Assembly at the Vidhan Sabha he post the meeting visited the Morgue , made a rough plan and handed over to the superintendent of St Georges hospital . He knew exactly what was required and the entire specifics were collated in a few hours. A question from the citizens – \” Why did we have to collect 16000 signatures to get your attention ? Why is there no accountability to responsibility ?? So do not agree to what the other doctors are saying about everything being political . \”No one will be denied tangible work ever \”

  2. It is a political vindicta. If you are not a yes man you always have to tolerate such non sense. Any boss can find N’ no. of reasons to issue a memo or to give any remarks. The dean can’t question a secretary .

  3. We all get this misinterpreted……Supreme Court rules that any individual has a right to 12 hours rest, sleep, and time for himself…so why the ho-ha when the Dean is not contactable… Why is there no deputy or second tier management? The true reason is that the Dean failed to be a yes-man so this action…andthe issue about high profile cases…where are they when public needs them? These arboriginal beauraucrats shut be left to their fate…assholes as such are they!

  4. user
    Dr Vk aggarwal June 10, 2018, 1:25 pm

    Action of government is most disgraceful.
    Senior most administrators can not be answerable for every small emergencies.It seems he was being called now & then for non disastrous works forcing him to switch off his phone.Non medical administrators have no regard for medical administrators which happens only in India.In foreign countries, it is difficult to get an appointment with a doctor unless it is emergency

  5. Does that mean Kolhapur Medical college is rubbish and so called rubbish behaviour of Dean is acceptable in kolhapur? If there is an issue of incompetency or underperformance by a medical faculty, does govt have any better plan than this. Does secretory hope to improve Deans performance by transferring him to other medical college. Or is this just an attempt to extract money/ hafta from Dean?

  6. Yes Kolhapur is a shithole like rest of Maharashtra