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Editor of Leading Pathology Textbook accuses former MAMC professor of copying images

Editor of Leading Pathology Textbook accuses former MAMC professor of copying images

Chandigarh: Issues of plagiarism have split open before the Indian Medical Fraternity, with the Senior Editor of a book known to be the “Bible of Pathology” has accused the former professor of Maulana Azad Medical College of copying more than 40 images in his published textbook.

As per recent media reports, Dr Vinay Kumar, a distinguished service professor and Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Pathology at the University of Chicago, recently accused Dr Vinay Kamal, former Dir-Professor, Department of Pathology at Maulana Azad Medical College of copying over 40 images from his work in ‘Robbins and Cotran, Pathologic Basis of Disease’ in his published book “Text Book of Pathology” .

As per TOI reports on the matter, Dr Kumar alleged that over 40 images from his book have been copied by Dr Kamal with mild cosmetic changes. He claimed to TOI, “Quite surprisingly copying is from the eighth edition (2010) and not from the current ninth edition (2014); perhaps it was thought that no one would check one of our older editions. The copied figures are identical except for some cosmetic changes in colours and shapes of cells. All the labels are the same and the processes are depicted in exactly the same manner.”

He pointed out to his hard work on the illustrations which were designed and drawn in a way that can be understood by an MBBS student who does not have any scientific background. He told the daily, “I created some of these figures over a 15-year period covering three editions, each time improving it.”

“No permission was requested by the author or publisher for use of these figures and there is no acknowledgement of the source,” he alleged.

Refuting the said allegations, Dr Kamal claimed told TOI, “I have over 1,500 images as compared to 1,100 images of the Robbins book and none are plagiarized. Three images are similar which can be redone in case my publishers ask me for it.”

Dr Kamal further added stated, “I have been able to sell 7,000 copies in last nine months and this is worrying the author.”

With the matter now reaching to their respective Publishers, the publishers are now trying together to resolve the matter. S K Verma, Vice President, Marketing and Operations at CBS (Dr Kamal’s Publisher) informed TOI that there is no issue between Elsevier (Dr Kumar’s publisher) and them on the subject.

Meanwhile Christopher Capot, spokesperson for Elsevier at their headquarters in New York told TOI, “Elsevier takes plagiarism and copyright infringements very seriously and we defend against infringements whenever and wherever we discover them. We are working with CBS and hope to resolve this matter swiftly.”


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  1. user
    Dr Gowrinath K May 18, 2018, 6:46 am

    Its time to have a separate cell in central health ministry like in USA to deal with complaints of plagiarism.Unless those found guilty of plagiarism are punished, there will be duplication and falsification of research. Already there are allegations of plagiarism for promotion by some of the teaching faculty in some private medical colleges and the medical council of India failed to act to curb this type of new academic misconduct in India.