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PM Modi promises Ayurveda based Health Revolution- Ayurveda hospital in every District

PM Modi promises Ayurveda based Health Revolution- Ayurveda hospital in every District

NEW DELHI:  Underscoring the importance of Ayurveda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said time has come for a “health revolution” led by the traditional medicine system and pitched for affordable and accessible healthcare.

Addressing a gathering after dedicating the country’s first All India Institute of Ayurveda to the nation, the prime minister noted that the world is heading “back to nature and wellness”.

Marking ‘Ayurveda Divas’ today, he described the medicine system as India’s strength and urged those working in the sector to revive it. He also asked experts from the field to find medicines which can, like allopathy, give immediate relief to people but without side-effects.

The prime minister also urged private players to use part of their corporate social responsibility funds to help strengthen Ayurveda.

“We have seen the IT revolution in last 30 years. Now, time has come for a health revolution under the aegis of Ayurveda. Let’s pledge to strengthen, revive Ayurveda,” PM Modi said.

Listing steps being taken by his government to revive and strengthen the system, PM Modi said Ayurveda-related hospitals should be set up in each district of the country.

He said the Ayush Ministry would ensure that there was a good Ayurveda hospital in each district.

Noting that people across the world were getting attracted towards good health as well as wellness, the prime minister suggested that time was ripe for an atmosphere of Ayurveda to evolve.

He said there was need for a relook of the Ayurveda syllabus and underlined the requirement for standard guidelines and treatment in the medicine system so it is not overpowered by Allopathy.

The government, PM Modi added, respects all health and medicine systems.

He said the Ministries of Ayush and Agriculture can guide farmers to sow medicinal plants. This will also help farmers boost their income in line with the government’s plan to double their income by 2022, when India attains 75 years of independence.

PM Modi also reiterated the importance of cleanliness as part of preventive healthcare.

Source: PTI
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  1. AYRVEDHACHARYS are the most scientific persons available in health care in our country . They know how to do total head transplantation . organ transplantations. They have eradicated all infectious disease including poliomyelitis . They have xcellent anesthesia drugs. They use steroids and antibiotics descrminately . They can manage all types of medical and surgical emergencies including trauma. Their knowldge in radiology and radio diagnosis is exemplary. All of them gone to Himalayas and caves to learn yoga like our ancient rishis. Our average life expectancy is almost 70 years which was around 40 after independence. Their biochemistry knowldge is excellent , their diet has different sugars ,different fats and different carbs . Off late they have come out with GHARBA SANKAR to create babies of choice .what else u want mr prime minister . Close all modren medical colleges and hand over the health care to these AYURVEDHACHARYS and other aysh fellows . Lastly ask them not use DOCTOR as prefix because it is indian .

  2. PM sir , please send any of your babu for first hand experience in govt hospital. he should take appointment . stand in queue , make opd card, search for opd chamber , wait for the doctor consultation, get medicines from generic pharmacy of the hospital, get blood tests done after getting appointment, get single x ray done and follow-up once. Another babu in emergency and get him admitted if bed is available. Thats it … should do all this without influence of power n money.
    I am you will forget about ayurveda for rest of your life, and would think about strict population control policy ( u could risk losing elections) and improving infrastructure and manpower at express speed.

  3. A country sans scientific temperament particularly at top is a sure recipe for poor growth of a country

  4. the PM has lost sight in terms of health care in the country. people are fed up of ayurveda and their steroid based ayurvedic treatment and then flock to city hospitals from all corners of the country, for basic health care and with complications. The basic and essential healthcare facility in country is lacking, sometimes the will to work is rural areas is not there, the compensation is not adequate, there are security issues. PM sir should address these. Iam not against ayurveda but ground reality is different. Even patanjali employs doctors who prescribe allopathy.
    it may be a good thing as ayurveda doctors wont b beaten up , because PM sir s supporting them .

  5. Mr mani ur observation is right . Our politicians and the administrators don\’t what they r doing. Our public are at the risk of these qualified quacks . These ayurvedhacharyas and other aysh fellows are making mockery of modren medical science . I have their practice and it is nothing but what m b b s doctors practice . And their products don\’t fit into the definition of a drug as per is nothing but quackery .