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PM Modi receives flacks over his Dyslexia remark

PM Modi receives flacks over his Dyslexia remark

New Delhi: In a recent interaction on video conferencing with students of IIT-Roorkee on a project that would aid and detect dyslexia in young students, a sudden remark of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has drawn flacks from parents of dyslexic children as well as his political counterparts.

During the conference, when the student was explaining about the project, the Prime Minister asked the student whether it would help “a 40-50-year-old child”. On answer being ‘Yes’, he continued, “That will make their mothers happy!”

The statement certainly made parents of dyslexic children upset.

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The statement also received several political backlashes.

Former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his purported political potshot at Congress president Rahul Gandhi while answering a question by a student on dyslexia.

Targeting Modi, Siddaramaiah tweeted: “Just came across a video of our @narendramodi taking political potshots using the name of dyslexic people. Shame on you Modi!! You just can’t go below this. Your insensitivity can’t be washed away by dipping in any river. They may be slow in learning but not heartless like you.”

Karnataka Congress president Dinesh Gundu Rao also hit out at Modi for the reported jibe.

Posting a video of the Prime Minister making that comment, Rao tweeted on Sunday, “If there was ever a classless crude Prime Minister India has seen, here’s one. Yuck!”

During a video interaction, a girl on Sunday sought to know from Modi the measures taken by the government to benefit dyslexic children.

Before she even finished her question, the Prime Minister made a comment purported to be a political jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, reports PTI.


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  1. Surprisingly, criticism is by only opposition.. . Normal public didn\’t find anything wrong

  2. Hahahaha…..Mody\’s jab about dyslexia was so apt and commendable….when he is called a \”chor\” in parliament by the opposition then where is the decorum? So what Mody remarked was not only befitting but also true!!!! Infact the guilty are always afraid….it is the guilt consciousness bringing out the backlash nothing else. And yes do we not always get what we represent????? Objectors symbol in the palm….should that not be applied as self balm?