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PM to Confer Yoga awards for outstanding contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga

PM to Confer Yoga awards for outstanding contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga

New Delhi: Identifying the contribution of various persons to the field of Yoga, eminent practitioners of Yoga are being conferred Yoga awards under various national and international categories.

The PM’s award for outstanding contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga had been institutionalized and announced during the 2nd International Day of Yoga (IDY) event held at Chandigarh on 21st June 2016 and since then the awards are conferred to the notable contributors in the field. Winners, selected under different categories out of 79 nominations for the current year and 186 nominations in the previous year, were announced this year during the IDY event held at Ranchi and each of them will be felicitated with a Trophy, Certificate and a Cash Award of Rs. 25lakh.

THe awards will be conferred on 30th August, 2019. Following are the details of the awardees

Swami Rajarshi Muni of Life Mission, Gujarat – Winner- Individual-National

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Swami Rajashri Muni, winner in Individual-National category, is a practicing Yogi from Limbdi, Gujarat. He was administered yoga deeksha by Swami Kripalvananda in 1971. Swami Rajashri Muni founded the Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission (Life Mission) in 1993, and the Mission has carried out substantial work for the promotion of Yoga as well as in humanitarian service. Swami Ji has touched the lives of thousands of people through the Life Mission, in his efforts to promote and propagate the knowledge and practice of the ancient science of Yoga and to provide selfless service to humanity. He has authored many books covering diverse aspects of Yoga, like Yogic philosophy and Yoga Therapy. He is also the spiritual Head and Chairman of the Lakulish Yoga University, Chharodi, Gujarat, an institution that facilitates students to excel in Yoga and to explore its different facets.

Ms. Antonietta Rozzi, Italy- Winner-Individual-International

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Ms. Antonietta Rozzi, a winner in Individual-International category, is a practicing Yoga Teacher from Lerici, Italy with more than 42 years of experience in the field of Yoga. Originally a student of the Swami Shivananda Yoga Tradition, she subsequently learned advanced aspects of Yogic practices from different Indian Yoga masters. She has had an illustrious professional carrier in Yoga teaching and is respected globally for her erudition and commitment to the subject. She is the founder president of Sarva Yoga International and worked for promoting Traditional Indian Yoga in Italy and Europe for over four decades. She holds many important positions in Yoga professional bodies in Europe. Her work has added recognition to Yoga as a promising academic field and to Yoga Therapy as a viable healing system in parts of Europe.

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, winner – Organisation-National

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, winner in Organisation-National category, was founded in 1964 by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati. The school is known for Yoga techniques developed through a synthesis of many approaches based on traditional Vedantic, tantric and yogic teachings in conjunction with contemporary physical and mental health sciences. Bihar School also guides yoga projects and medical research in association with many reputed hospitals, organizations and establishments. Programmes made by Bihar School of Yoga are being used in education, Government sector, hospitals, Defence institutions, private and public sector industries and even prisons. The School publishes a reputed monthly magazine entitled “Yoga” covering different aspects of the discipline since 2013. Besides, it has more than 100 publications, many of which are used as referral books in different Yoga courses.

Munger and Japan Yoga Niketan, Japan- Winner- Organisation-International

Japan Yoga Niketan, a winner in Organisation-International category, was established in1980 and has been a torch-bearer of Yoga in Japan. Its functions is an association with Yoga Niketan, Rishikesh and S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru. The Institute runs several Yoga training and therapy courses of high quality, through which Yoga has developed roots in Japan. The Institute is instrumental in bringing institutionally certified Yoga professionals into Japan, which helped to bring standards and strengthen the scientific concepts of Yoga in that country. Their publication, ‘Yoga Therapy Theory: Modern Methods Based on Traditional Teachings of Human Structure and Function’ is respected for its authenticity.

Shri Vishwas Mandalik, Nasik-Winner 2018- Individual – National

Sh. Vishwas Mandalik, a winner in Individual-National category (2018), acquired in-depth knowledge of authentic Patanjali & Hatha Yoga, Bhagwad Gita and Upnishad by study and research of ancient scriptures for over last 55 years. In 1978, he set up first branch of Yoga Vidya Dham, and as of today, there are 160 centers in India. He established Yoga Institute called Yoga Vidhya Gurukul in 1983 for the Yoga Education. Yoga Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan, a trust was set up by him to propagate Yoga in remote parts of India in 1994. He has written 42 books and developed 300 CDs to cover various training courses.

The Yoga Institute, Mumbai-Winner 2018- Organization – National

The Yoga Institute, a winner in Organisation-National category, which was established in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, has completed its 100 years serving the society, touching the lives of over 10 million people during its journey. It has produced more than 50000 yoga teachers and has over 500 publications to its credit. The Yoga Institute has contributed to the promotion and development of holistic Yoga for over 10 decades, and served all sections of society, both locally and globally.

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