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PNDT Update: MBBS doctors to continue to practise ultrasound in Delhi

PNDT Update: MBBS doctors to continue to practise ultrasound in Delhi

With the Supreme Court not announcing a stay on Delhi High Court Decision of February 2016, the said high court decision still stands implying that MBBS doctors can continue to practise ultrasound in the capital

New Delhi: Its been a quite some time since the hon’ble Delhi High Court, gave a landmark judgement with relation of application of PNDT and its requirements on medical professionals in the capital

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With one single judgement, the Delhi High Court disposed of  3 different writ petitions filed by IRIA, IMA as well as Sonology Society of India respectively and clarified a number of questions related to the PC-PNDT Act, finally declaring Rule 3(3)(1)(b) of the PNDT Rules (as it stands after the amendment with effect from 9th January, 2014) as ultra vires to the extent it requires a person desirous of setting up a Genetic Clinic / Ultrasound Clinic / Imaging Centre to undergo six months training imparted in the manner prescribed in the Six Months Training Rules.

The judgement indeed saw a great divide being created in the medical fraternity with most MBBS rejoicing with the decision while many radiologists opposing it. IRIA reportedly challenged the decision in the Apex Court .

However, despite the landmark judgement, many complained that there was no implementation of the same. Many MBBS doctors came out complaining that the health departments were ignoring their demands of registration citing no concrete reason.

In the meantime, an appeal was filed with the Supreme Court, challenging the decision of the Delhi High Court. This was done both by IRIA as well as Supreme Court of India. It is reported that during the hearing on 25/07/2016, the hon’ble court clubbed the two petitions . Further, it is further added that while  the court issued notices to other parties, it did not call for a stay at the high court judgement, implying that MBBS can still continue to practise ultrasound in the capital for the time being.

A preliminary hearing with the registrar office is now scheduled for 6th September, 2016

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  1. IAM Dip DGO.I want to do usg course.what are it\’s legal acpect.IAM I legally authorised

  2. What is this 6 month course that is required before practicing Sonology after mbbs? Where can I do it?

  3. An MBBS d0c I\’d very much eligible as he has all basic experience on medical science i.e. anatomy and pathology which are essential in USG practice. Rest knowledge of sound physic and practical application can be acquired easily with one to six months of training. Mind it that USG manipulation is not rocket science go medical graduate it is a basic tool nowadays and a life saving approach. Asking for patency of this basic tool by some group may definitely going to harm people at the receiving end. I strongly fell that this important basic tool is much more as good as stethoscope . But authority has lot of other measures that can easily prevent it\’s misuse. PC-pNDt is doing good job but good use of it has more bigger role towards humanity than other aspects.

  4. shoot all the doctors in india and finish this debate forever. no doctors, no issues . . . .

  5. Can any expert clarify the position of anesthesiologist using ultra sound in his /her field?Does the Delhi high court ruling makes an anesthetist free to use ultra sound for anesthesia related procedures?should he follow the recommendations of PC-PNDT act while setting a clinic?Is portable ultrasound allowed in their practice?