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President increases retirement age of CHS doctors to 65 from 31st May, 2016

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President increases retirement age of CHS doctors to 65 from 31st May, 2016

CHS Doctors to now retire at 65

New Delhi: Consequent to the Prime Minister Modi’s announcement on 26th May, 2016 promising to increase the retirement age of doctors working with the government, the President Of India, Pranab Mukherjee today approved the administrative order bringing it to effect.


The order clearly states:-

The President is pleased to enhance the age of superannuation of the specialists of non-teaching and public health sub-cadres of Central Health Service and general duty medical officers of CHS to 65 years with immediate effect

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As the order clearly states, with immediate effect, implying all those doctors who were due for retirement from 31st May, 2016, will be eligible for continuation in government service for another few years.

PM Modi had earlier made the announcement, stating “Be it at Central level or state level, now retirement age of doctors will be increased to 65.” The had created indeed a strong divide in the medical fraternity, who debated on the right age superannuation for doctors in the country. While the doctors who were already “on the job” welcomed the decision, the young job aspirants to the government medical sector called it a ” Steal of opportunities.” There were also some who advocated that increase of superannuation should be only for those who work in the rural areas.

Medical Dialogues conducted an opinion pole in this regard, and found there was no uniform consensus. While 43.75% voted 65 to be the right age for retirement, 28.13% wanted it to be lesser. Yet another 28.13% wanted this number to be even higher than 65.

Having said all, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare J. P. Nadda welcomed the decision stating that this step will empower the Government to strengthen the healthcare sector in the country.

“It will help in providing additional doctors in the health pool of the country,” he said.

Nadda added that this will strengthen the efforts of the Ministry in conceptualising and rolling out various people-oriented schemes which l need the services of doctors in implementing them.

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  2. user
    pradeep bhargava June 2, 2016, 8:21 am

    Though a welcome decision to tide over the situation of shortfall in inservice doctors,those doctors who have superannuated within a year should be given an opportunity to return back to the mainstream to serve the country and mankind.They are experienced,qualified and trained personnel in their respective organisational setup whose services can be utilised for the next 4/5 years.

  3. Myopic decision of GOI to raise retirement age of doctors. Are they ready to work in difficult areas after the age of 60? The beneficiary doctors will not work in rural, hilly and disturbed areas at this age. One senior doctor’s salary can fetch ~3 young, energetic, enthusiastic and unbiased doctors. Govt must think of unemployment of doctors, service conditions in rural areas, setting up new medical colleges, etc instead of increasing retirement age. This decision should be rolled back in national interest even if it is against personal interest of a few.

  4. is other govt department doctor such as department of atomic energy, department of space, fall under this order?

  5. Blanket increase in age is unfortunate.
    Simple increase in age will not serve the purpose of shortage in particularly in rural areas but increase has to be conditional if one is ready to serve at a place where govt requires these doctor. This benefit should be given conditionally that might partially serve the purpose.
    One should not be allowed to hold any administrative position after a certain age and be given an exit point at some age such as 60 if does not want to continue.
    Many doctors do not want this, Many are not fit health wise or other wise able to do new high tech procedures after the age of sixty, why burden the system in the name of quantity.
    I think those who wish to continue in govt job they should be allowed to serve as far they are fit to provide medical services and ready to work as per need of this country.
    Younger doctor will definitely suffer for the want of vacancy.

  6. Age is no problem.
    Doctors who gave served in rural area should be considered for increase in age beyond 60 years.This can be seen from the records.This will bring the uniformity in service

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