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Private Hospital Doctors, Staff Attacked: 15 booked after Doctors association threatens dire consequences

Private Hospital Doctors, Staff Attacked:  15 booked after Doctors association threatens dire consequences

Thiruvananthapuram: Fifteen persons have been booked for allegedly attacking a doctor and five staff members of a private hospital here, with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) registering a strong protest against the incident.

The incident took place on Sunday at Attukal Devi Hospital, where Hospital staff and Doctors are brutally beaten up by a Mob. According to a statement by the Attukal Devi Institute of Medical Sciences director M Jayakumar, a group of persons who accompanied an accident victim to the hospital on Sunday demanded they be allowed in the procedure room. When the demand was turned down by the hospital staff and by medical superintendent Dr Prakash Janardhanan, the bystanders turned on them.  The Doctors and hospital staff were greviously Injured and hospital machines and equipment was damaged by violent mob.

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CCTV visuals of the attack soon went viral on social media.

Police said the accused have been identified and they would be arrested soon.

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The Indian Medical Association said the incident was without any provocation. It also demanded that a case be registered against the accused under the Hospital Protection Act. The body also warned, in a statement, that if stringent action was not taken against the culprits, they (IMA) would be forced to “react”.

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  1. Armed ex servicemen and Hefty bouncers are the order of the day. The bill of such expenditures should be charged directly to the patients. A entry fee of 100 to 1000 be charged per person depending on the category of hospitals. Believe me when the public can shell out money through their noses in hotels bars restaurants multiplexes Malls airports schools colleges politics real estate gold etc, they better learn fast that health does not come less cheap than other luxuries in their lives. Governments who are imposing fees structure must first learn that we are not their slaves. If they are so much concerned then raise the infrastructure in government health services. Doctors will not come as cheap labor learn to respect knowledge and the highest professionals in the world. And for once let Doctors run and formulate the Health Services of the country. They are the best managers for this job . Healthcare and Medical Education has become a joke these days. No need to give examples, it is there for all to see.
    Berating Doctors by media and prominent public functionaries including politicians has destroyed more faith in us than the poor conditions of healthcare in our country.

  2. A type of intolerance already occupied this country which is reflecting on life saving institutions also .
    A very pitiful situation….!!!

  3. The one hu attack hoapitals. ar commies,and they r intolerant to anything advised to them

  4. Hospital should invest big time in security measures…. Hire bouncers…. At times if needed decrease budget for other things but increase budget for security……

    And time IMA doesnt let the culprits go free this time atleast….. Create pressure on the system

  5. Looks like Civil war like situation soon

  6. safety first service next….is the order of the day.

  7. mersal effect too…safety first service next?

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