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Private hospital to Levy FEES on Medical Representatives visiting their facility

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Private hospital to Levy FEES on Medical Representatives visiting their facility

KOLKATA: Medical representatives (MRs)  are known to crowd the OPDs at hospital, in their efforts to meet medical practitioners and inform about their products. MRs  are also know at times to create a nuisance value for the hospital and patients alike, as they leave no space, time and sitting for patients who line up to show to doctors.

To deal with MRs, a hospital in Kolkata has now announced that it is going to levy a charges on MRs visiting the hospital. TOI reports Medica Superspecialty Hospital on Saturday announced a levy of charges on medical representatives visiting its facility, communicating the decision though a notice

The hospital has restricted the visit of a medical representative to only one day a week against a charge of Rs 350 for three hours. Beyond this, Rs 100 per hour will be levied, stated the notice that has come into immediate effect.

While the move was met with a strong objection from the MR associations, The chairman of the hospital stated clearly to TOI that decision was aimed at discouraging MRs from visiting the hospital. “We don’t want MRs to come. Both the government and Medical Council of India want generic medicines to be prescribed. We want our doctors to do so. That can happen if MRs stop pushing branded medicines,” Medica Group chairman Alok Roy told TOI.

The move has been met with staunch opposition from the medical representatives association in the area with the senior officials of the three MR associations in Kolkata seeking an appointment with Medica top brass for the withdrawal of the notice.

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  1. Dr Manish Mannan is right. Hospitals are making a windfall profit by stocking only those drugs with maximum profit margin. Good branded drugs do not offer such huge margins of profit and are therefore unpopular with hospital managements. The govt. is helping hospital managements by insisting on generic drugs without any quality control. And managements have seized on the opportunity to make big bucks by quoting the Govt. and asking their Doctors to prescribe Generic drugs. Imposing a steep fee on MR s is only another step in implementing their hidden agenda. How is it that drugs exported to USA gets held up by the FDA for poor quality, But our own drugs controller hardly ever finds any poor quality drugs in the shops / hospital pharmacies. I am not against generic drugs, but only if they are the same quality that can pass FDA standards for sale in USA. Why should Indian patients be any inferior to americans.

  2. user
    t.k.chatterjee April 9, 2018, 1:26 pm

    I can remember the days when I was just an intern and my MR friends taught me the brand names to go ahead.

  3. Better to fix a particular time and restrict the number than to levy fees

  4. user
    Dr Manish Mannan April 9, 2018, 11:40 am

    MRs are generally given specific time and day to visit. The hospital may have ulterior motive of keeping only brands of their choice in the pharmacy.

  5. user
    Dr Sanjay Gupta April 9, 2018, 10:20 am

    Makes sense, but remember many medicos are educated by the MRs.

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