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Quick Intervention by an Anesthesiologist, saves life at Airport

Quick Intervention by an Anesthesiologist, saves life at Airport

Mumbai: Quick Intervention by an anesthesiologist , recently saved the life of a patient at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, here.

Dr Gayatri Patankar, a thane-based anesthesiologist was returning from a vacation in Dubai, when she came across an unconscious man, synosed, limp and pulseless in a wheelchair with number of people surrounding him. In the absence of arrival of the medical team, the doctor immediately asked the bystanders to lay him on the floor and began giving him Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR. She continued the process for another five minutes till the airport staff arrived with the emergency kit. Using the defibrillator to give him shock the anesthetist finally intubated him with the emergency apparatus.

It is reported it took 15 minutes to revive the patient, who was then shifted to the nearby  hospital.

The patient had a severe cardiac arrest, and has been renal artery Stenosis. He is currently stable informed the doctor.

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 8, 2017, 12:08 am

    Hats of to Dr Gayatri patankar, REAL Dynamic and Dashing Act to save the life . Beauty with the Brains…….Miss India DOCTOR. Not only Anesthetist, even the G P with MBBS should be able to Intubate, failing which should Not allow to practice medicine as in the West. A L S /ALTS certification should be made compulsory to each and every practicener with out license to practice should be cancelled . Doctors should have EM kit with Bronchoscope and emergency medicines like it shown in old (Black and white movies). Other wise It is meaning less to talk about platinum and Golden Hour. Plan , prepare, practice, and perform. Save lives. You should live because of Me , that should be the Moto. There is meaning driving the Ambulance with high speed with siruns and Flashy lights only to reach to declared dead or forcing into the ventilator mainly to die later with huge bills to be paid by the helpless family members. Directly From the Heart to mobile screen. Dr Ramesh Vardhan.

  2. Excellent job done .All the best .

  3. Anaesthesiologists are actual life saver, and able to institute all life saving procedures to save an almost dead, but without any social recognition. These efforts will certainly increase the status of this speciality.

  4. Anaesthesiologist always in action
    Whether on duty or off duty
    Never duty free

  5. It\’s a great moral booster…..but opposite could have happened. Patients relative could have charged doctor that CPR was done wrongly that\’s why pt died and she could have been sued in court…..anyway things went good. Congratulations