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Racket: Based On Tip off by Gynaecologist, Another Gynae Arrested

Racket: Based On Tip off by Gynaecologist, Another Gynae Arrested

Chennai: The recent arrest of a gynaecologist seems to have opened a can of worms, pointing out to a larger racket of fetal sex determination, illegal abortions and even illegal sale of babies to childless couples in the area.

As per recent media reports, a tip-off provided by the arrested gynecologist has led to the arrest of another gynecologist revealing a massive ‘child trafficking racket’ in the area.

Medical Dialogues had recently reported about the recent arrest of a gynaecologist Dr Selvamba Rajkumar who was arrested earlier this week for a botched up medical termination of a woman. The doctor was also the main accused in an investigation conducted by PNDT officials regarding sex determination and illegal abortions.

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Under Police Custody, Dr. Selvamba reportedly uncovered the details which shockingly revealed a whole racket of sex-determination, illegal abortions as well as child trafficking in areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

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She further gave them a name of a middleman.After receiving the information about the broker, the officials from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and the Union health ministry jointly confronted the man on Thursday. During interrogation, the man confessed to being a go-between for doctors, pregnant women and childless couples.

“Flipping under pressure, the middleman cut a deal to be an approver,” an official attached to the Union health ministry official stated.

Offering a deal, the man described an able-bodied operating set of connections of doctors and brokers who were involved in fetal sex determination, illegal abortions and sale of babies.

The man further led the investigating team to another broker, identified as one Sunitha, who worked for a gynaecologist Dr Shobha attached to Shiva Prakash Nursing Home located in Chittoor.

Shortly, the team sent a pregnant woman to the nursing home as a decoy. “After taking 6,000 from the woman’s relatives, Sunitha took her to Dr Shobha,” a state health official told TOI.

Later, the team caught them red-handed while revealing the sex of the fetus. An official who accompanied the decoy recorded the conversations, reports the daily. The officials have booked them under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994.

Another Doctor Arrested

Apart from the gynaecologist, the investigators detained a another government doctor in Andhra Pradesh, who allegedly provided sex determination services after duty hours in Andhra Pradesh government service. Hindu reports that Ultrasound scanning machines and other medical equipment and clandestine records reportedly pertaining to alleged conducting of prohibited tests and female foeticide were seized form her private clinic.

Speaking to The Hindu, District Medical and Health Officer Vijaya Gowri confirmed the raids and PCPNDT Act violations at the scanning centres. “A number of cases from border areas of Tamil Nadu come to Chittoor for sex determination tests, as the Act is strictly under implementation there. Agents and sub-brokers are involved in these deals. We are going to write to the authorities concerned about the involvement of a government doctor in violation of the Act and serve notices. Steps are underway to produce the accused before the magistrate,” the DMHO said.

The Tamil Nadu officials have booked 126 violators under the PCPNDT Act and arrested two suspects.


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  1. It is not a question of whether someone comes to us or not – it is a question of whether we have the integrity to refuse to do illegal things for sake of few rupees. Such greedy people are bringing bad reputation to our profession.

    Laws against us come only if we do illegal things. Otherwise there would be no PCPNDT law at all. We brought it on ourselves by not being ethical

  2. user
    Mayur Ramesh Gunderia April 30, 2018, 2:39 pm

    Is any of the society big wigs commenting on the great demand for sex selection.
    What is wrong with the citizens of our country.
    Please arrest the couples and their families who have forced this practice to flourish.
    No Dr goes to invite couples to come to him, her.

  3. user
    Dr. R. Hariharan April 30, 2018, 9:58 am

    It\’s a shame. A small no of unscrupulous and avaricious doctors bring bad name to the whole profession. Their registration must be revoked.

  4. Gynecologists should be banned from conducting ultrasonography study and should be made a rule that only radiologists should perform ultrasound and that too not in the machines or scan centre owned by the gynecologists or any physicians but only in a separate radiology centre or in a multispeciality hospital. Buying ultrasound by gynecologists or any physicians limit the need for a radiologists and the physicians themselves doing ultrasound which is not correct. Their curriculum is to know to intwrpret the radiologic images and not to do on their own.

  5. Mr Rajamani
    I think u are unaware of the actual medical scenario in the country.
    80% of the is scan done in the northern states are done by technicians, surgeons and gynaecologist as there are not enough radiologists. If they don\’t do this millions, I repeat millions will die of salvageable life threatening conditions. So please don\’t belittle the yeoman services done by the non radiologists who are saving lives by doing is who have no other choice.

  6. Very regressive approach. Most specialities should know ultrasound as it is becoming so widely available and easy to use- point of care USG is very useful in trauma, cardiology (echo), gynaecology ( even emergency like APH ectopic), medicine, orthopaedics etc

    Why should we pawn off something so basic which is being considered an extension of physical examination, to a handful of radiologists, who might not be available after 5 PM?

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