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Radiologist Strike Day 1: Doctors organise Dharna at New Delhi Jantar Mantar

Radiologist Strike Day 1: Doctors organise Dharna at New Delhi Jantar Mantar

New Delhi: 13,800 radiologists across the country, took a step back from their OPDs today, with all radiological modalities including CT, ultrasound, MRI, coming to a close.

The doctors have united together to oppose the ” Draconian ” provisions of the PC-PNDT Act and its non-uniform implementation, which has led to unnecessary harassment of doctors, including prosecution under various sections of the act.

The radiology bandh, saw participation from radiologists across the country, with even small clinics as well as diagnostic centres being shut to show their solidarity with fellow professionals as well as their strong opposition to the provisions of the PC-PNDT Act.

Meanwhile, in the capital, IRIA (Indian Radiological and Imaging Association)  called for a peaceful protest and dharna at Jantar Mantar New Delhi. The dharna, which was held in the afternoon, saw participation from around 600 radiologists working at various government/private hospitals as well as private clinics in the Delhi/NCR region.

Speaking to Medical Dialogues team, Dr OP Bansal, President IRIA said, ” We have received some communication from the government, implying that they will look into our demands in two or three months. We have not been assured anything concrete, how our demands will be met and other specifics. Hence we will continue our indefinite strike.”

Asking how the strike will progress from now on, he said, ” As announced earlier, radiologists will NOT be performing ultrasounds from tomorrow onwards, till the time government amends the PC-PNDT Act. Other radiological modalities will continue as usual.”

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  1. No unity, I see radiologists working in my town and even all over the district and also at most places of Hyderabad.
    That is how doctors are.
    You doctors should support each other to make your unity stronger.
    When your own radiologists are not cooperating, then how can you expect other doctors and associations to support you?
    My dear doctors, for some time please think about your unity. You can make money when ever you want, but you can not help yourself out alone when you are in trouble.

  2. all doctors should join, it is not only for radiologists……,

  3. user
    Vipin kumar gupta September 2, 2016, 8:32 pm

    Strike should be continued unless & untill the government get agree to solve the problem of harassment of ultrasonologists on preference basis.

  4. High time Now. No need to give into Government false promises. No Doctor wants the patients to suffer but the Doctors are living under constant fear of this Draconian Law. Next target can be any innocent Doctor. It is the doctor who has to suffer mentally physically and financially if the PNDT Officials harass them for clerical mistakes. They are snatching the livelihood of Doctors for no fault of theirs. Request all Radiologists, Sonologists, gynaecologists to support this movement so that further harrasment can be stopped.