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Rajasthan: B-scan Machines to fall under PC-PNDT Act

Rajasthan: B-scan Machines to fall under PC-PNDT Act

Jaipur: Ophthalmologists working in the state, may soon have to get their B-scan eye machines registered with the PNDT authorities as the state government is mulling to bring the said machines under the ambit of the PC-PNDT Act.

The logic behind this move is quite simple, with the argument that the probe of these B-scan machines which are ordinarily used for  clinical assessment of various ocular and orbital diseases is likely to be misused for determining the sex of the foetus.

TOI reports that in a meeting with the health department held last week, State Health Minister, Rajendra Rathore told the authorities to make registration compulsory for keeping B-scan eye machine under the provisions of PCPNDT Act

This comes after a report submitted by the Chief Medical and Health Officer ( Bikaner) Dr Devendra Chaudhary along with PBM Hospital’s radiology HOD Dr GL Meena in the month of may, pointing out to the possible misuse of B-scan machines for the purpose of sex selection

“The technology in B-scan machine and sonography machines is the same. But, B-scan machines are being sold and kept without any licence. So, there is a possibility of misuse of B-scan machines for sex selection,” Dr Chaudhary told ToI.

Thereafter the health department looked up to experts in SMS hospital, for their opinion. With the said doctors also confirming the possibility of misuse of the B-scan machine for ultrasounds for sex selection, the authorities are now rushing to bring these under the ambit of the PC-PNDT Act in the state.

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  1. b scan machines are niche machines used by ophthalmologists. HOW MANY OPHTHALMOLOGISTS WOULD BE ABLE TO RELIABLY DO A SEX DETERMINATION IS AN INTERESTING QUESTION? Being an ophthalmologist having used the B scan for over 18 years believe me the number would be close to zero. plus the probe is 8-10 MHz or more (going upto 50-100MHz for UBM probes. ) THE PROBES ARE NOT TUNABLE ie the transducer frequency cannot be increased or decreased. The depth to which you will get reliable information with this using the following FORMULA is
    Axial resolution (mm) = 0.77 x # cycles / frequency (MHz)
    that translates into 7.7 cm depth. now try working out the abdominal wall depth and amniotic fluid pockets and you can understand the level of reliability we are talking about.
    Did the two august practitioners work out their physics before raising this bogey? Or were they speaking after studying a few case reports? OR WAS IT AFTER FOUR SMALL LOVELY PEGS AT 7 PM?
    Sir please read up on your technology before giving technical opinion. SAD . Unethical. Unprofessional.
    AND TOTALLY UNWARRANTED. I will forward the names and mail ids of some of the eminent people working on UBM developmentso that the august cobwebs can be removed from the foggy minds and old knowledge.

  2. if b scan machines can do sex determination, then our laser pointers used in ppt presentations can be used to bring down offending missiles. Yet another case of zero application of mind by govt babus. Idiocity abounds. Cant blame the minister for this decision because of asinine inputs.

  3. Who makes B Scan should lock the system so that they cannot attach the ultra-sonogram for sex determination s the probes will be different for both. Infact one can do B Scan with Ultra-sonogram of , but cant do vise versa. If this is the case again the medical fraternity will be in danger in our country. Already so many registration bodies. Nobody maintain the normal b scan except in corporate hospitals for which the patients will suffer more than the doctors. Instead the patient who wants sex determination should be punished.

  4. user
    Surinder kumar August 8, 2016, 6:11 pm

    Register all medical professionals under pcpndt act because they are potential danger to misuse foe sex selection .moreover apropriate authority must be kept on strict vigilance against corruption and any visit to usg center or conversation of authorities should be thoroghly probed