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Refusal to Treat after altercation with attendants: KGMU suspends resident neurosurgeon

Refusal to Treat after altercation with attendants: KGMU suspends resident neurosurgeon

Lucknow: A resident doctor associated with Department of Neurosurgery at the prestigious at King George’s Medical University (KGMU) has been suspended after the alleged medical negligence in the management of the case of an accident victim.

According to media reports, 23-year old boy met road traffic accident (RTA) after which he was immediately brought to the KGMU trauma centre. The victim was accompanied by a person who had verbal clash due and allegedly due to which the doctor denied treatment. The family alleged that even after apologizing several times, the doctor did not turn up because of which the accident victim died.

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Victims father alleged to the TOI, “The doctor kept asking us that the man who had exchanged words with him be called to give an apology first and then treatment would begin. My son stayed on the stretcher the entire night and died at 7am on Monday. We kept apologising but he did not deter. We have shared the audio recording of the incident with the KGMU administration.”

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The audio recording of the alleged incident has been submitted to the police at the time of filing complaint.

After the victim died, the family staged a protest with the dead body on road. They said that if the doctor would have kept ego aside and turned up to provide treatment, the victim would have survived.

The Chief Minister, Yogi Aditya Nath condemned the incident and asked to probe on the matter, reports Jagran. A four member-committee has been formed, however, it failed to reach a conclusion in the matter in the prescribed time. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of KGMU, considering the audio clip provided in support of the complaint decided to suspend the doctor, till the pendency of the case.

The KGMU medical in charge Professor Santosh Kumar informed that an investigation will be done on the matter. If found guilty then action will be taken against him, he told Jagran

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  1. user
    dr kamlesh tiwari October 22, 2019, 8:59 am

    it is contract between dr and patient,any one can break it any time,it is a risky job if person died due to head injury again dr was blamed by media and dr done right by not treating with angry mind

  2. Why should attend have altercation with doctors in either way , is it so that even after being insulted and Humiliated doctor is supposed to offer his best . When one wants medical services or so should be polite and gentle and must not behave arrogantly in any case .
    I condemn the penalty given to resident doctor.

  3. The resident should have respected the ego of the man who had exchanged the words with the doctor and did not come back to settle the issue .The ego was bigger here than treatment desired .Any senior doctor would not care for ego and would take care of the patient as that is the primary aim.Why people are dumb when there is violence against doctors and in the hospital.Residents are students like in other colleges and need love ,affection and tactful handling ,but whatever people may do to you give your best.

  4. user
    DEEPAK SENGUPTA January 5, 2019, 8:45 pm

    Highly atrocious on the part of the treating Neurosurgeon ! In no circumstances a patient can be denied treatment . Assault on doctors both verbal and physical has become so common in India that, it is being treated almost as a occupational hazard ! But sadly enough the Govt. and the society at large has failed to stop this menace. Though rules,laws, legislation are in perfect order, there is hardly any effort to implement them !

  5. if any body accompanying the patient attending doctor can refuse to treat him as per the the doctor can refuse the treatment even otherwise if he feels patient are relatives are unruly suspension of doctor is wrong the attacks on doctors are increasing it is high time we go on indefinite strike closing even emercies