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Reports of women selling skin for penis enlargements rocks Nepal

Reports of women selling skin for penis enlargements rocks Nepal

Kathmandu : Nepal said it will investigate a report claiming poor women are being trafficked and duped into selling their skin to be used for penis and breast enlargements in the global cosmetic surgery market.

An investigation by the Indian news website Youth Ki Awaaz (Voice of the Youth) said Nepali women were selling 20 square inches (130 square cm) of skin tissue from their backs for $150 to be used in plastic surgery.

Women, Child and Social Welfare Minister Kumar Khadka told the Thomson Reuters Foundation the government was shocked after reading the report published.

The trafficking of Nepalis from the impoverished Himalayan nation to neighboring India for labor and sexual exploitation and even kidney transplantation is widely reported, but cases of trafficking in human skin tissue are unheard of.

The report, by Indian journalist Soma Basu, said the Nepali women were trafficked to brothels in Indian cities such as Mumbai and then later duped into selling their skin. Some victims said they were drugged and their skin removed.

The skin tissue, said the report, is sold onto pathology laboratories in India where it is processed and exported to companies in the United States which manufacture skin and tissue derivative products for the global plastic surgery market.

Women’s rights activists called on the government to urgently investigate the report and launch public campaigns in high-risk, poorer districts of the country prone to trafficking.

“The government should be serious about this and protect our women,” said Sunita Danuwar of Shakti Samuha, a charity which helps to rehabilitate victims of trafficking.

“Mere lip service will make no difference and innocent villagers will continue to be trafficked for their organs like skin and kidneys.”

Source: Reuters
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  1. user
    Dr Mohan Ranawade March 13, 2017, 7:20 pm

    Points to ponder after reading this report:

    1) Victims are brought to brothels(not clinics) and then they are drugged and their skin about 20 inches( 20 inches?????) is removed from back.
    2) This skin is sent to a Pathology lab where it is processed ( what processing and which lab?)
    3) Then it is packed and sent abroad for Penis and Breast enlargement ( really?)
    4) Even if it is sent abroad, West, would there be no FDA checks, no hospital records, no compatibility tests?????

    Looks like this report has too many loopholes for us to believe.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 13, 2017, 4:24 pm

    Like in skin and bones, ivory, horn\’s and other wildlife products are and purchase BOTH the buyer, seller, poacher and Traffickers. I think it\’s the same in DRUG trafficking also. Human trafficking . Every one should work together irrespective of borders and boundaries . Failing which becomes a fodder for the smugglers, antisocials and Militants Extremists etc. Once it\’s a organised crime . FBI, kGB , Scotland yard , has to run around with yard stick to measure. AMOUNT damage. Their spending or more than a Benefit. Because it more of a loose loose situation. Better to nip it before it rips. End of the day ACTIONS Speaks BETTER than the words. If they don\’t act , it\’s going to be mere metireal for the Hollywood and Bollywood movies at cost of poor and innocent people of India and Nepal and Bangladesh and many more poorer Nations across the world.

  3. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 13, 2017, 3:45 pm

    The seller,dealers, buyers, and operating surgeons and Hospitals. The LAW enforcement agencies failed to STOP such acts are all responsible. The Activist and press , any other whistle blower should be awarded and Rewarded.

  4. The west has been exploiting Indians for years because of the poverty. It needs to be stopped as a matter of urgency and all involved brought to swift justice (Not cases hanging on for years because the culprits are rich or know some minister etc)

  5. It would not be correct to say that west is exploiting in this case, since they (or any end purchaser) does not know the origin of the skin grafts.
    It is really unfortunate that such things are happening. Action must be taken by the government directly.

  6. Stop blaming West for everything, they don\’t come here to remove skin, they are simply paying for what the Indians are happy to sell them.

  7. that is true, while the skin is removed no one knows the customer and country…….but the onus is with us (India/ Nepal) as nation and as civilization to stop it right here. Through our own conduct, vigilance, awareness and law! (sic)

    Much easier to teach and preach others and turn blind eye to our responsibilities. How it can be sold if we dont take it out from victim. and who is doing it? Our own people-right here—–let us stop them.

    Any way beyond illegal, by deception or forced removal…….people can make their own choice about what to do with their body and law permits it.

  8. It does look like superiority complex here.