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RMPs cannot use Dr Tag, call their centres hospital: AP Govt Guidelines

RMPs cannot use Dr Tag, call their centres hospital: AP Govt Guidelines

Andhra Pradesh: Responding to the serious allegations that Registered Medical Practitioners ( RMPs) and Private medical practitioners ( PMPs) in the area are pretending to be allopathic doctors, and treating patients beyond their purview in the State, the state government has now issued guidelines all the RMP’s & PMPs for functioning their First Aid Centres – in the District The Un-Registered, Non-Allopathic Medical Institutions and First AID centres in the area.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the Health Medical and Family welfare department of the state took out a government order to empowering the paramedical council to give training to Registered Medical Practitioners as well certain Private Medical Practitioners in order to equip them to work as Community Paramedics.

The move had not  gone well with the allopathic doctors in the state, who have accused the government of promoting quackery in the state.  The Indian Medical Associations condemned the State government’s decision to provide legal rights to RMP and PMPs. Medicos at Osmania Medical College also took out a protest march against the said order. “We work hard to earn a degree, while those less qualified practice in villages. They are now going to receive training and certificates. This is not fair. They will claim that they are qualified doctors with the government certificate,”a senior resident doctor with the Medical college Hospital told Deccan Chronicle

Addressing the issue, a notice was recently sent by the Govt of AP, Office of DMHO in the YSR District, Kadapa which laid down Instructions to All the RMP’s & PMPs for functioning their First Aid Centres . Wit the notice all The Un-Registered, Non-Allopathic Medical Institutions and First AID Centres in Kadapa District have been instructed to strictly follow the guide­lines to mentioned hereunder with immediate effect.

  1. Should not write “Dr or “Doctor” before your Names.
  2. Should not use the words “Clinic”/Nursing Home/ Hospital” on the sign boards. The term “First Aid Centre” only should be displayed on the boards.
  3. Should not mention any degree i.e. R.M.P./P.M.P/RED CROSS/ANY OTHER qualification without any Registered Certificate issued by the Medical Council.
  4. Should not maintain any Beds/Cots/-IV stands/Any other equipment which comes under inpatient facility.
  5. Should not inject injection/ IV Fluids.
  6. Should not do deliveries (or) abortions.
  7. Should not do write prescriptions to the patients.
  8. Should not establish Nursing Home/Hospitals.
  9. Should not put up Laboratories/Scan Centres/X-Ray plants.
  10. Should not refer the patients in writing to private Nursing Homes/Hospitals.
  11. Should not Maintain Medical shops.
  12. Pharmacists/DMLT/ B.Sc (MLT)/M.Sc.(MLT)/Staff Nurses and ANMs are not eligible to do private practice.
  13. Homeopathy/Ayurvedic and Unani Doctors should not prescribe Allopathic Medicines.
  14. Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes must not employ the non-allopathic Doctors as duty doctors
  15. All Registered Private Nursing Homes/Hospitals should encourage and should not write the RMP/PMP name in their OP/IP registers, reports, and scan reports.
  16. Lab Reports/Scan Reports should be signed by a qualified pathologist/ Microbiologist/Bio-Chemist/Radiologist only.

Further, the RMPs/PMPs are hereby instructed to follow the above guideline strictly after 7 days from the date of receipt of this notice. Any deviation found in the above guidelines liable to face legal consequences by considering the sections of 15.2.(a) 15.2.(b) & 15.(3) of the Indian Medical Council Act(102) of 1956 and other related section on Quackery, the notice added

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  1. All very good, but is it enforceable. Even outside Kanpur go ten km and you find them aplrnty.

  2. (1)Naming \’\’First Aid Centres\’\’ for the clinics run by quacks is also wrong. It gives impression that some \’\’special centre \’\’is opened for emergencies, which nullifies its purpose & the purpose of a quack is fullfilled as he is already giving emergency treatment & then refer the patient to medical doctors .It should be named as \’\’QUACK CLINICS.\’\’\”\” Visit at your own risk \”\”.(2) I agree that Non doctors ( Anms, Staff nurses ) should not be allowed to run clinics & Hospitals. But in reality it is seen that even unqualified Dais are running clinics & mini hospitals with indoor admissions,& people prefer those Dais. Not to talk of it, Even I am surprised how Government has Allowed Non Medicos MBAs to open Big Corporate Hospitals Because they can Spend & earn also Heavy Profits like FORTIS Hospital & all. Only a Medical Doctor should be allowed to open Such hospitals. Their employees e. g.. chairman ,CEO e.t. c. should be doctors only. (in Allopathic Hospitals) Only then quality of medical services will improve.Instead of employing these MBAs, it will be far better if Doctors who Studied medicine in Foreign Colleges like Russia etc who could not qualify Board examination & could not get licence to practice in India(though allowed practice abroad in Russia & certain european countries),but they preferred staying in motherland hoping against hope. They atleast studied for 5 years in Medical Subjects,& could be better adminitrators than the other lots who studied only management. That makes all the difference. It is like fitting round nail in square hole!How can they have actually feelings for patients? They are just Admin. If you appoint a civilian to buy Arms & Ammunition for defence, you have to seek advice of a defence personnel epert in his field.By appointing those foreign Graduates ,you do double the work . You will settle those doctors & at the same time you will get qualified ( though Unlicenced doctors ) to work. On one side MCI is planning to start bridge course for BDS to do MBBS, here even no course is required . If those doctors are prepared to work as Admin, you should allow them.Otherwise also non medicos are doing Admin work. You can give them schooling to them for some time .Even one month will suffice, as is done from PCS to IAS & some other jobs ,even for MLAs & MPS done.In a small city like Pathankot, many PROs have opened hospitals on fake Ayurvaidic degrees & being supported by qualified Doctors & Surgeons & no check is there. they keep retired doctors just for name sake as they visit hardly for an hour a day. Even DMLTs have opened labs being supported by hospitals. Fake names are there on their boards. They are not caught as they have connections higherups. It is upto govt to find out the loopholes. Because of vote bank, it wil never happen.

  3. Same time need to develope community pharmacy act 1948 am act 2015
    Are not supposed to deniable in heath strategic in India
    To prevent crosspathy and advers effect and longer time aide effect antibiotics resistance steroids use
    Blind uses of drug
    Request to govt to promote community pharmacy act empliment
    Restricted non allopathy dr to use allopathy drugs
    The community phrmcits should take their responsibility on their hand
    Because your are only components person to advice about drug what doctor of pharmacist study not other was study thourghly about medicine and pharmacology pharm+cology is only part of pharmcits syllubs with academic of 6year after 12science

  4. What about the maximum death will occure due to over dose and aide effect of drug in almost all erop countries pham d will handle moniter drugs effect heights consultant fees paid to him since 50year ago still we are back in heath sector and genipig exprement by physicion un want drug use
    Its not need to bridge course in phmd and MBBS like BDS to improve heath sector and minimize side effect and to chosen proper drug and dosevand stop cross pathy and to promote side Branch like clinical nutrition a part of allopath are neglected in India we are still backward in health sactor
    In developing country PCI MCI DCI under one ROF NHS UK national health service registration

  5. Atleast there is one sensible DC in kadapa district who has undrstood who is qualified and who is not and have understood what is medical profession . I salute you sir for such great circular. I also expect all others to pass orders like that, those who appose this let them go to u s a and other countries and learn
    Where they stand.only graduates of modren medicine and registered as per m c i act 1956 are else lie for practicing modren medicine all others are QUACKS, including ayush fellows . Ayurdic fellows should be called as ayurvedhacharyas ,unani fellows shoul be called hakims, homopathy fellows should be called as homopathist for the public safety. Any monkey with stethoscope around their neck are called or known as doctors by the public . These fellows of ayush should practice the so called their system ,but these shame less fellows talk and practice modren medicine directly or indirectly and that is illegal and cheating. Just knowing medical terminology does not mean they have medical knowledge. I M A should wake up appose these ayush fellows at all levels who are taking medical profession to midevel times , shave this country from these qualified quacks .