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Seminar on implementation of Ayush in the Armed Forces

Seminar on implementation of Ayush in the Armed Forces
New Delhi: The Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services and Headquarters IDS (Medical) in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH are organizing a Seminar on “Implementation of Ayush in the Armed Forces Medical Services: Opportunities and Challenges” on September 26, 2017, at Army Hospital (Research and Referral), New Delhi.
The benefits of the Indian indigenous systems of medicine and Yoga are well recognised nationally and globally. The Government of India has taken major initiatives to promote the practice of AYUSH in the country. The integration of AYUSH in the Armed Forces is challenging due to the unique conditions pertinent to the delivery of healthcare in the services.
The heads of the Armed Forces Medical Services, Ministry of AYUSH, Indian Council of Medical Research and senior faculty from institutes of excellence across the country, including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences will participate in the deliberations.
The objective of this path-breaking seminar on the implementation of AYUSH in the Armed Forces is to put various issues related to the topic in perspective and chart the way forward.

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  1. user
    Dr. Kajal Kumar Bakshi October 15, 2017, 7:33 pm

    It is very positive step no doubt. Homoeopathy is very effective for any kind of injury,mental stress and anxiety that is good for armed forces. I am personally agree for any kind of help for the armed forces.

  2. Do you know the pathophysiology of wound healing and which ayush drug helps and at what stage of wound healing , u bunkam fellows . Atleast leave the army , they know very wel the bunkam fellows.

  3. Its good qualified and skilled doctors is choiced.

  4. AYUSH is ASH and bunkam. I want the authorities in the armed forces not be mislead by the so called ministry of ayush . It is nothing but quackery.they r misleading the public now they want to mislead the armed forces.

  5. Reddy g what is quackery?do u know?ayurveda is beyond ur thinking;ंंंंंंंंंं
    How many doctors utilizes his knowledge?less than 0.1%rest dependent only on brain used. Quackery

  6. Ayush fellows including the so called ayurvedhacharyas are all copy cats using transaltory knowledge from modren t b of medicine from anatomy, physiology , pathology etc. You investigate inthe same lines as that of m b b s doctors and use the same terms . First accept not one disease u can manage except diseases of exacerbation and remission , and u use some the so called medicines which has a placebo effect . I e is known as quackery . The money spent in the ministry of ayush shoul be spent for portable water , environment , immunization , nutrition . I understand ayush ministry is spending public money to propagate and process cow urine ,cow dung etc. are u not ashamed . Where u pple r taking the future of health care inthis country. Ayurvedhacharyas want propagate gharba shuddhi for our pregnant woman . Shame on u pple.

  7. The present allopathic doctors are more or less quacks with degree. Dont know how to diagnose, how to write a prescription and even to give injections.

  8. M B,B S and beyond is not just abt prescriptions and giving injections , your knowldge abt medicine is bunkam u are all quacks of hieghst order