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Stress at KGMU: Doctors demand FIXED Duties, 48 working hours per week, Weekly OFF

Stress at KGMU: Doctors demand FIXED Duties, 48 working hours per week, Weekly OFF

“We usually work for 30 hours straight. There is practically no off unless we take leave, which is very difficult to get.”– KGMU RDA General Secretary Dr Neeraj Mishra

Lucknow: King George’s Medical University (KGMU) has been surrounded with controversy starting with the news of a resident doctor’s suicide attempt recently. Blaming the huge workload, stress as well as the shortage of staff, the Resident Doctor’s Association (RDA) have now demanded the Vice-Chancellor to fix a maximum of 48 hours of work per week for every resident doctor and also grant them a weekly off.

A few days ago, one Junior Resident (JR)-I in orthopaedic department, Vivek Kumar, was found with his wrist slit in his Buddha Hostel room. In his suicide letter, he had blamed his attempt on mental illness. He was being treated for depression at KGMU’s psychiatry department.

The incident brought into focus the working atmosphere at the prestigious KGMU, with the Resident Doctors Association blaming the hostile work environment as well as the pressure on junior doctors. The RDA also wrote to the Vice- Chancellor pointing out to the condition of all resident doctors working continuously at the hospital for long massively stretched hours

“Today it was Vivek, tomorrow it could be any of us, as we are all working for long hours under immense stress,” RDA General Secretary Dr Neeraj Mishra told TOI

“We usually work for 30 hours straight. There is practically no off unless we take leave, which is very difficult to get. This is when the abnormal amount of work pressure, harassment and exploitation make someone take a drastic step. The irrational working environment, deficiencies in system and shortage of staff should be met immediately. This will help in creating a healthy environment for all,” he added

Pointing out to the directions of the Supreme Court as well as the conditions of the  central government’s residency scheme, the doctors have demanded that KGMU implements the same. In particular, the Central Residency Scheme Clearly states

Continuous active duty for resident doctors will not normally exceed 12 hours per day. Subject to exigencies of work the resident doctors will be allowed one weekly holiday by rotation. The resident doctors will also require to be on call duty not exceeding 12 hours at a time. The junior Residents should ordinarily work for 48 hours per week and not more than 12 hours at a stretch subject to the condition that the working hours will be flexible as may be decided by the Medical Superintendents concerned keeping in view the workload and availability of doctors for clinical work.”

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The RDA has demanded one stretch of duty to be limited to eight hours and in an emergency situation, to 12 hours.On the issue of duty hours, the RDA asked the VC to give a full day off on the next day if a resident does night duty.

Concerning the exploitation, RDA mentioned that if during work, if a senior tortures or physically or verbally abuse a junior; it should be considered ragging. Moreover, it should be considered as a case of mental harassment of a resident. It should be dealt with in the strictest manner, the letter to the VC added, reports TOI.

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  1. user
    DR Bhavani Shankar May 13, 2018, 1:40 pm

    This is right time to demand to change duty hours of resident doctors. long hours of duty definately affects both physical and mental health RDAs all over country shall demand for fixed hours of duty followed by day off and monthly holydays to spend with family

  2. Edwin Luther looks like is a one piece of pig shit. Such pig shits keep lying on the road & r eventually discarded. Pig shits needn’t be taken seriously

  3. user
    Dr Sanjay Gupta May 12, 2018, 10:48 am

    Pressure on all resident staff is tremendous. So some relief must be provided. A 48 hour week is impossible at the moment.

  4. user
    अनिल कुमार May 12, 2018, 8:36 am

    चिकित्सकों को आराम तो देना ही होगा।
    आराम न देने पर तनाव के कारण गलतियों की सम्भावना ।
    यह कोई राजनेता का कार्य नहीं होता कि गलत बयान देकर मुकर जाये। किसी के जीवन का सवाल होता है।

  5. Fixed hours of work and weekly offs is not desirable, in medical /post graduate training. KGMU is prestigeious because of good hardworking doctors not 8to 5 babu and holiday seekers. Those who cant take the stress and strain should do some other job. Suicide attempts such are exeptions and individual issues.

  6. user
    Manjari Dwivedi May 13, 2018, 5:21 pm

    Stopt talking nonsense. Resident doctors are also human beings and they also need rest after long hours of stressful work and time with family. That doesn\’t make them babu. Human body is not a machine that will work continously and working 24 hrs doesn\’t make you efficient but makes you more prone to mistakes, make u more irritable which puts strain on doctor patients relationships resulting in frequent fights with patients and attendants situations which residents are frequently facing because of this stupid system of showcasing doctors as superhumans…

  7. user
    medico for a change May 12, 2018, 12:21 pm

    Hello edwin luther , if a doctor has to work 24*7 for 365 days in a hospital and cannot be replaced by another one when he/she is ill, it shows that the healthcare system of such a country has failed. Dont try to rationalize such nonsense by your outdated and idiotic ideals. doctors in the west do not work such crazy hours, they do give importance to recreation even during residency, so according to you they are all unfit ? they are the ones who write books and we are the ones who just follow .

  8. user
    PRASHANTH M V May 12, 2018, 1:10 pm

    Rightly said….Our country is still in chaos especially when it comes to medical system and health care…Until unless as doctors if we dont organise and regulate ourselves how will anybody do it for us? I request the Indian Medical association and all the academic bodies to discuss the working pattern,hours and also minimum salary/wages for the qualified MBBS,specialist and super specialist doctors. Please regulate the working hours and also the minimum salary so that human beings enjoy and relish being a doctor and healer…..Even as a consultant after 9 years of service ,we are still made to work weekly 2-3, 24 hours duties when asked our honorable senior colleagues donot support us for discussing this issue with the higher ups .Shame on all of us when we cannot support our own colleagues for the right cause…
    We also request to fix an appropriate age of retirement for the doctors in medical college..Medical colleges have become old age home and rehabilitation centres and also harassment units for youngsters

  9. 24 hrs duties… harassment of young doctors…mental , also physical.
    None of the law favours……any one favour ds its against law and humanity…….

  10. Its because of people like you that residents suffer. There should be a limit on weekly work hours and weekly off. You are making people not robots. No one became a good Doctor by tourtouring themselves

  11. Hellow (Dr ?)Edwin Can you expalin for your commeent
    How could you?