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Soon: Homeopathy Doctors will not be allowed to dispense medicines

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New Delhi: Homeopathy practitioners will soon be barred from dispensing medicines at their own premises as the central government is reported to be planning to delink, the prescription and dispensing of homeopathy medicines

A confirmation of the same was made health ministry officials to the daily Livemint, which has quoted the draft rules as saying

     “No registered homeopathic medical practitioner who is practicing homeopathy in the premises where homeopathy medicines are sold, shall deal in homeopathic medicines.”

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Officials further informed  that the move by the government in response to the rising complaints that homoeopaths, who were both prescribing and dispensing medicines were increasingly being influenced by commercial interests

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“It was seen that various pharmacists had started to station a homeopath in their shop for consultations. Likewise, homeopathy practitioners other than dispensing their medicines to their patients had started selling them over the counter too. For better regulation of homeopathic medicines, this practice needed to end,” an official informed Livemint 

“Once notified, this will delink consultation and selling of medicines. Chemist shop is a commercial entity and the objective of this rule is to ensure that doctors only prescribe and not sell medicines,” the official added

Chemists would be allowed to dispense homoeopathy medicines 

Another important feature of the draft Drugs and Cosmetic rules, is that chemists would now be allowed to dispense homeopathic medicines along with allopathic drugs, without the need for applying for a seperate license. In such cases the homeopathic medicines, while dispensed by the same chemist, would be stored separately from allopathic drugs and would have to be sold in small quantities.

Good Manufacturing Practices to be followed

The draft rules, which are currently with the law ministry for vetting also specify the standardisation which is now going to be introduced in terms of requirements of the good manufacturing practices. Manufacturers would have to obtain a manufacturing license which would remain valid for a period of 5 years. Having said that, no seperate license would be required for exhibiting the drugs at any fair.

Calling the draft rules a welcome move R.K. Manchanda, co-chair of a sub-committee of the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) and the Director General of Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) told Livemint, “The competent authorities have been defined in the new rules for dispensing homeopathic drugs, thereby preventing a host of complications caused by wrong dispensing. The homeopathic medicines will be available widespread in chemists shops as there will be no need to have an additional licence to keep homeopathic medicines as required as per the existing rules. Once the new rules come into effect, the homeopathic medicines will be readily available even in far-flung areas.


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Source: with inputs from livemint

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative article about homeopathy. And sharing the efficacy of homeopathy.

  2. There is confusion , some articles have published that no homeopathic doctor will be allowed to dispense medicine !! kindly publish the truth so that we doctors are not in confusion . It will be very difficult without dispensing medicine .patients do not want to keep running to find medicine and as such may drop the idea of opting for homeopathy

  3. A welcome step for barring dispensing at stores by Homoeopaths ……….But Homoeopathic medicines in allopathic store without license would used mainly to dispense patent which would be harmful to Homoeopathy . GMP norms need to be implemented seriously for better health of the system

  4. user
    Vivek Hattangadi October 12, 2017, 9:56 pm

    First, is homepathy a medicine or a placebo?

    More investigations need to be done by DoP

  5. And allopathic medicine is medicine or chemical poison..

  6. Well Said ..If the professional knows more and more about his/her subject and practice only what is known to him is also good and knowing more about the other subject and combining for the benefit of his/her patient is also Good ..It is left to the Individual\’s expertise to Practice Medicine Holistically and Truthfully rather than fighting which Method/Mode is good !!!
    Patients Well being should be the Point of every practitioner !!!

  7. Stop calling yourself dr Shivram. Your a homeopath. Matter heals matter , healing is a process , biological ,physiological and pharmacological. If you say modren medicine (allopathy is misnomer) is poison what is your medicine where there is no medicine , infact there is no matter in your products. Infact there is no matter in your brains you r all fooling the society by tall claims . Have some shame stop talking of health issue for the sake of public. Read what dr ramakrihnan venkataraman told about homeopathy.

  8. Til then let them not practice and propagate the so called homeopathy

  9. Homeopathy is bunkam , what they are doing is eye wash and cheating the public. What is this potency they are talking about , dr venkataraman ramakrihnan , a noble laureate in chemistry has said these the so called drugs has no scientific basis and a fraud . No person with little knowledge of chemistry wil believe these products. It is placebo effect and total fraud and cheating . Govt has the responsebelty to propagate evidence and scientific based medicines and methods. India is full of quacks in medical field .

  10. user
    DR. S.K.VASHISHT October 13, 2017, 8:32 pm

    I invite Mr C.V.Reddy to visit a Homoeopathic pharmaceuticals and see for himself how medicines are prepared , so called scientist have failed to understand and explain a simple scientific process POTENTISATION

  11. If it is not understood by scientist , then it is bunkam ,it is what iam telling u r fooling ur self and public . Atleast u said it is not understood by scientists including dr venkataraman a noble laureate , why him no one believes U who has little knowldge of chemistry . Pl don\’t fool the public have some ethics and morality , U r dealing with some ones life .c

  12. user
    Dr.Bhupendra Nath Rasaily October 18, 2017, 4:30 pm

    If the present knowledge of science with its current
    limitation cant understand the functioning of Homoeopathy than it is their problem.The then science and scientist called Gallilio mad.It took them many years to realise the truth.In India the pioneer in IVF Dr.S.Mukherjee was ridiculed and he was driven to commit suicide.It was many years later the so called experts and scientist realised how true he was.He was well ahead of the time.Likewise Homoeopathy will also be proved to the so called scientist as research is on.Days of antobiotics are over and the side affects are killing peopleThey dont have cure for simple disease like dengue.Can they explain conclusively how anaesthesia exactly works.In Isreal doctors were on strike for 3 months and the patient mortality rate was down by 35%.Medical fratinity were analysing this fact and doing the introspection.

  13. Mr bhupendra on what basis u cal yourself as doctor. In u s a all doctors are called by name and add prefix of mr . Ur fooling public by calling yoursel as doctors .how many pple in our know what degree ur having . The moment you call yourself as doctor they think you R highly dignified . But in reality you r not . There are MBBS fellows ,ayurvedhacharyas , homeopaths , siddha ,unani ,naturopaths ,physiotherapist — where do U belong . What ever u r is it ur botheration or the public . Do u have scientific basis of ur treatment before tell the public . Don\’t you responsibility the basis of ur treatment . If u don\’t have scientfic basis U r a fraud . Stop calling yourself as doctor so that public is saved

  14. Before making nonsense comments refer to latest scientific research done in this field not by homoeopaths but by scientists. Understanding and practicing homoeopathy is not an easy job beware before you put generalised views

  15. Which scientist. If it is science it is easy. Because it is not science U pple talk nonsense and get away. If u can manage with ur the so called system , why you copy all aspects from modren medical texts starting from physiology to pathology. Your knowledge is transaltory and barrowed . Have some respect for science. You r all fooling public and government with your bunkam knowledge .

  16. Mr Reddy Homoeopathy was founded by Dr S.Hahnemann a qualified Allopathy doctor .

  17. So what , even it is founded by the gods it must be variafible. When it is not varifiable it is bunkam. When U can question every thing why not these the so called drugs. There is no basis of this homeopathy. All of u blindly following and blindly advising the public . There are any no of conditions which are self limiting . U advise on diabetes mellitus , hypertension which may not cause immediate problems. U claim to cure every disease including failing kidney it\’s a sham and shame . Have some ethics and public responsibility. Ur knowldge is transaltory and copying .

  18. Aptly said. All doctors are cheats. They are there only to plunder and loot. Government always has knee jerk reactions of curbing any business

  19. If u dare come and drink one ounce of bell 1 m….come

  20. user
    Dr. Hemant Chauhan October 12, 2017, 6:52 pm

    Those don\’t know about homoeopathy please go through in detail. Take addmission to a homoeopathic medical college to understand the holistic science and art of homoeopathy. In case of Dr radhakrishnan , I want know u he also took homoeopathic treatment n promoted the same . Please his life history.