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Soon, Periodic Re-validation exam for MBBS and MD practitioners

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New Delhi: MBBS and MD doctors across the country, would soon have appear for periodic re-validation exam every 3 to 5 years, if the ministry sources are to be believed.  The move is being proposed as a part of health sector reforms by the Ministry of health, starting next year, sources close to Union Health Minister Shri JP Nadda, informed , Quint.

It is reported that the reforms are currently in the stages of finalization and shall be put before the Union cabinet for approval soon.

The main purpose of the re-validation exercise has been cited to be ensure that doctors have the valid licence to practice and to weed out “fake doctors” and “quacks” who practice without valid degrees. Similar procedure is being followed in various countries including the US and UK.

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Quint further reports that Government doctors serving in the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and Employees’ State Insurance hospitals will be among the first to be directed to take the revalidation examination.

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Some of the other proposed reforms include Creation of a National Accreditation Body under the health ministry, for accreditation of private and government hospitals across the country. It has also been proposed to have more stringent norms for judging the performances of government and private medical colleges including their de-recognition if they fail to perform in terms of student’s results.

Implementation Issues

The re-validation exam has been proposed earlier as well by many state government and state medical councils at their own levels. However, the proposals in the past have run into implementation issues, including  how to help medical practitioners prepare for the said re-validation exam on a large scale. It remains to be seen how the central government is going to propose to resolve the implementation issues related to the move.

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan December 3, 2016, 12:18 am

    This is the best thing that can happen any where in the world. But don\’t think any body has courage to implement such rules. In case if it is put into practice, >90% of the Doctors will fail . Than IT\’S going to be country with out Doctors. Because remaining 10 % either runaway to other countries or die die to massive heart attack or kidnapped or killed by muscle man . End result country with out Doctors. WHICH is BEST. I Tell you way ,. Italy has highest %age Doctors amongst Development countries and also highest of sick people, where as Japan has Lowest %age of Doctors with least Percentage of Patients with Highest Life expectancy. In one my recent letters I expressed by views about the Medical professionals of our country . There are 3 types 1) 10% of the Doctors are good who invariably move out of the country or work for the corporate Hospitals 2) The One\’s with Money start their own private practice 3 ) The poor , helpless ( hopeless) , lack of confidence join GOVERNMENT or Join one of many MEDICAL COLLEGES ( > 450 ). With lada committee ie OC committee by indiscriminately alloting / permitting To start new colleges, number can / may cross >1000 within a short time. The most dangerous thing which can happen to our country. By introducing Revalidation Majority of the Doctors can be Jobless and on the other hand By allowing to start New medical colleges by the Government/ Headed by retired judges committee one can expect hundreds and thousands of job doctors because very few may pas the Revalidation exams. As long as the Medical Education is Dealt by Medical Professionals it may be able to survive in present manner. With the interference of POLITICIANS, Burocrates and Jobless Judges it may disappear from our country. let me put it this way \” something is better than nothing , Nothing is Worse than Nuisance\”. Good Night , God save My Country.

  2. On the one hand the Govt says Re-validation Exam of MBBS & MD qualified Doctors can help to catch Quacks and on the other the Karnataka Govt is planning to employ AYUSH doctors to fill up vacancies in PHCs. The Govt has no clue about Medical Education and Health Services. Earlier MCI was talking about updating oneself through CMES for which credit points were allotted. What happened to that. is that not enough. Our own country does not accept our MBBS and MD Degrees. Then who else will accept. At each step we want to screen our Doctors.

  3. That clearly indicates that administration is not doing their duties properly.Why else they feel that there are fake Doctors in ESIS and Govt.?They shoud take action against these Govt oficials and not harass Doctor. there is famous phrase in hindi \” kare koi aur bhare koi \”


  4. when will this nation have Judiciary dialogues -Indian version!!( probably 1000 more years)

    Are citizens of India getting proper justice ,moreover is it on time-what is the waiting period in courts- Does any government recognizes this!
    ITS LIKE WASTE MEDIA– Anything happens BLAME DELHI region for CRIMES!

    Similarly BLAME existing hardworking talented ..doctors who are really serving this nation selflessly..

    And probably who have earned their degrees and credits through pain taking efforts than any existing IAS or IPS/ Judiciary or even IIT grads!!

    NOW THEY WANT TO IMPOSE on us,what they feel is right through their tunnel vision!!

  5. Govt.should weedout quacks nuntrained practitioners allover india.