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Specialist DNB disadvantaged with new MCI equivalence norms: NBE, ANBAI officials tell MCI

Specialist DNB disadvantaged with new MCI equivalence norms: NBE, ANBAI officials tell MCI

New Delhi: While the latest regulations issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) on Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions call for MD-DNB equivalence to a certain extent, Super-speciality candidates pursuing their DNB from highly specialised yet smaller hospitals would be highly disadvantaged with the move. Such specialists would still have to do 2 years of additional residency, in order to be eligible to teach in medical colleges in India, doctors pointed out.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that with on November 1st, 2018, the MCI Board of Governors came out with an extraordinary gazette on the Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions, 2018. Amongst other criteria, the notification specified that DNB in Broad Specialities and Super Specialities, which has been pursued from private hospitals having more than 500 beds and certain MCI qualified teacher strength would be deemed equivalent to MD/MD/DM/Mch from MCI recognised institutions. For institutions more than 100-bed strength, DNB passouts shall have to work for one additional year as a senior resident in an MCI recognized/permitted institution for equivalence with MD/MS/DM/M.Ch. Similarly, for DNB from less than 100 bedded hospitals, doctors would have to pursue a two-year residency for equivalence.

For Full details, Read: MD-DNB Equivalence: MCI BOG issues Gazette notification for new TEQ rules, details

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Doctors, however, pointed out that this would be a major setback to DNB candidates who are pursuing their courses from Single Speciality hospitals. Submitting a memorandum to the MCI in this regard, Association of National Board of Accredited Institutions (ANBAI) recently met with Dr Vinod Paul, Chairman, MCI BOG along with National Board of Examinations (NBE) officials

” The clause C of 4A which requires PGs from DNB hospitals below 100 beds to do additional 2 years is most discouraging. Many of these (48 institutions) are highly reputed single speciality institutions (ENT, Ophthalmology, etc.,)which are state of the art institutions, much better equipped and staffed when compared to Medical colleges doing training in the same specialities. Expecting them to undergo an additional 2 years of residency would be a step backwards,” the memorandum stated

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Explaining the issue, Dr Alex Thomas, President ANBAI informed Medical Dialogues team, ” There are many single speciality hospitals in the country that impart DNB training in one speciality only. Given their focus on one single speciality, they have lesser bed strength but have a much more sophisticated infrastructure and a higher level of training that most medical colleges. Making the DNB passouts of such institutions do additional years of residency would be highly discouraging for them to join medical academia and would also be detrimental to the plan of the government of getting quality medical specialists as medical teachers.”

” We along with NBE President and ED met Dr.Vinod. K. Paul, Chairman, Board of Governors, MCI and submitted a memorandum in this regard. Dr.V.K.Paul has agreed to look into all these points and take it forward.” he added




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  1. learning isnever ending process people who are differentiating r descriminating nbe traing vis a vis ms md from other institutions etc..i feel and pranounce some hod or guides themselves are less competitive than a pg who is hitting hard and dynamic in persuance of subjects…hod or guides were less strengthy in subjects..for ex..radiology…rad therapy…paediatrics ..etc..they dont have exposure of mri petct..etc…old radiologists hardly good in mdct mri,,or even for that mattter doppler they will b struggling to report…where as new traing pattern of dnb much more complex..especially ..nbe..hospitals ..pvt..corporate anything..and very good exposure to pgs…bed strength is secondary ..first is to to get paper of pg degeee..nbe…or md ms….skills n knowledge is subjective it depends how one will emerge ..from any establishment …


    STOP CONFUSING , discriminating and dividing the medical farternity.


  3. Stop md Ms…t v have only one degree…one pg exit exam..let it be conducted by nbe or mci

  4. user
    DR.JACOB D.JOHN January 3, 2019, 6:43 pm

    I am doing my dnb pediatrics in a pvt hospital in Bijapur Karnataka. There are two other pvt medical colleges near by .I have gone to their picu and nicu for receiving babies from there.The facilities and equipements and expertise are much better in our institution.We are the first in North karnataka to have a ventilator,cfm machine,whole body cooling equipent for therapautic hypothermia ,The new technologies except ventilator are not there in the other 2 pvt medical colleges.One does not have a neonatal ventilator in working condition.Even the MD PG said that they would like to visit and learn from our institution.So does the MCI know all these ???.Our hospital has close to 150 beds for pediatrics and we have pediatric supeRpecialists visiting us and taking regular classes and we present cases to them.Which other institution in the region does not have.So why this discrimination by the MCI.The Ministry of family welfare should take up this matter under whom DNB is conducted.Does any medical college has more than 150 beds for a speciality.If MCI says about 500 beds its a total bed in the hospital.Not speciality wise beds.Will a pediatric resident go and see the medical and surgical and obgyn patients to get a MD/MS??

  5. Makes no sense. As I have said in the past the amount of instruction in Medical Colleges ar the PG and higher levels is near zero. Top hospitals have by and large a higher level of expertise, equipment, and on the job instruction. So the rule is an anomaly. My son did his MCh in a medical college of repute and hi wife DNB (Super) from a major hospital. The quality of instruction was top grade in both, the exposure was probably better in the Private Sector and the examination was definitely tougher for the DNB.

    So the discrimination is totally unwarranted.