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State government NAMES and SHAMES missing doctors

State government NAMES and SHAMES missing doctors

Uttarakhand: Dealing with the acute shortage of medical practitioners in the hilly regions, the Uttarakhand Health department has come out with a new tactic to enforce doctors to take up their hill postings in the state.

TOI reports that the department has decided to publicly ” NAME and SHAME” the doctors shirking from their postings. In this light the department was recently seen publishing notices in the leading dailies giving out details about those who were transferred to their hilly postings but did not join their duties

In one of the notices,  a dental surgeon transferred in October has been asked to join duty by Friday, failing which she will be “automatically relieved of her duties.”

Officials at the department have informed that 55 medical practitioners had been given transferred to hill postings, but less than half had joined. The officials iterated that the doctors are required to join within a week of receiving the orders as per the Transfer Policy 2014.

Additional director (administration) Prem Lal told TOI , “Ten doctors have been forcibly discharged for resisting transfers. The transfer policy needs to be strictly adhered, or else legal action would follow. There are many perks for those going for hill transfers. Added allowances may motivate them to take hill postings.” Government doctors in the state have been accused of shirking from hilly postings and sticking to the postings in the plains

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  1. user
    Dr Ashok kirpalani December 26, 2016, 12:18 pm

    Govt presumes that doctors are their slaves. No consideration for what effect the transfer will have on doctors\’ lives , children\’s schooling, parents care etc.
    What is there to consider a refusal as a shameful act?

  2. Increase the perks nd facilities, so that all will happily accept the hill practing. U cannot compel some one to do work for u, unless u throw good perks nd facility which seems to be not giving in health department, as only Nethas pull out the budgeted money as kick backs nd bribe etc. when the system suffers the blame goes to dean or superientant or doctors which will not give any logic

  3. This is the most ridiculous way of improving medical facilities in Govt. sector. Nepotism, corruption, favouritism etc. run rampant . Why govt cant post the persons nearer their native places. Recruitment be allowed in districts by the CMHO or civil surgeon,the doctor applying for the job knowing well where he is opting to be posted. Improve hospital infra and personal comforts to the doctors. stop political bullying ets ets. ; country will never fall short of doctors. Do not treat doctors at par with clerks.