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Stent Price Cap: Doctors Oppose Negative Projection in Media

Stent Price Cap: Doctors Oppose Negative Projection in Media

New Delhi : Medical practitioners, particularly cardiologists, seem to have appeared an undue casualty of the recent stent price cap, with the repeated media reports implying doctors as co-accused in keeping the stent prices high and profiteering with the high margins. Even in the recent speech of the Prime Minister, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi at Phulpur rally a few days ago, displayed a mistrust towards medical practitioners in the rational use of stents in patients.

The recent projection of the fraternity has indeed not gone well with the doctors, who besides the accusations feel that such projections would ruin the doctor patient relationship for years to come.

Cardiology Society of India, the main association of Cardiologists across the country, specifically brought up the issue in its meeting of  National Executive Committee at Kolkata under the presidentship of Dr M.S Hiremath, unanimously resolving

“We take strong objection to the derogatory remarks against Cardiologists appearing in certain sections of the media. The Cardiological Society of India strongly believes in ethical medical practices and will ensure the public that it is always committed to improve cardiac health (saving lives and reducing disability) of Indians. Instead a lauding the efforts of the Interventional Cardiology community towards reduction in mortality (saving lives) and morbidity (reducing the disability) a patients with heart disease, these articles portray doctors as crooks and villains. We plead to these media to act responsibly before casting unfounded aspersions.”

Speaking to Medical Dialogues team, Dr Prem Aggarwal, Cardiologist and President, National Medical Forum, “ On behalf of the medical profession and the millions of patients, we request the government to kindly continue their efforts in the right direction for affordable medical treatment for all and do not denigrate the medical profession and this would hamper the doctors patient relation and create a atmosphere of suspicion that would remain for years to come.”

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  1. Cardiology society of India is like a eunuch. Now they are upset. But a good number of cardiologists and their hospitals have been in all sort of dirty tricks for more than a decade and they kept quite! For what? putting bare metal stents in place of drug coated stents, unnecessary stenting, kickbacks have been the norm.

  2. Why are the physicians protesting while the companies are not. I am an Interventionist myself and know that the cardiologists have taking the poor patients for a royal ride all these years in the name of emergency procedures. I additon, the entire cardiology community enjoys international paid holidays and cruises. There is no case for selling these devices at an enhanced profit of over 500 percent.

  3. It will be good if government starts subsidy for Research work on this kind of medical devices which make them really beyond price control as billions are spent by companies for the same and every person who is in business earns even govt try to earn from hard earned money in form off taxes so,
    other part can be Govt knows the rates of devices then, decide the subsidy and above that let patients decide what is good for them instead should start Industry for making this devices like other pills.

  4. Who is IMA to speak on our behalf? IMA with it\’s image of harbouring the most corrupt in our profession has lost mandate to represent us. Most of us by and large are honest. And the government and other partners at stake also should marginalise IMA as it do not represent the Dr Fraternity. It\’s elections are held in a mysterious way , many colleagues are member of IMA , they were not informed of the election dates. It\’s an institution where most corrupt doctors ,who through the art of mastering electioneering have managed to come on the top. Most of them Ketan Desai cronies.We totally support the government of marginalising these medical mafias prevent in our country . Good job Modi Government and we the Doctor fraternity thank Supreme Court and the lawyer who fought daringly against these medical mafias. This stent scam is a 3500 crore rupees scam!!!.

  5. user
    Karunakaran Jeyachandran February 24, 2017, 2:59 pm

    I very strongly ( i have no better word! ) endorse Dr. K.Balakrishnan\’s statement- why do people resort to unnecessary procedures? The \’stent dealers\’ spill out the whole truth and it is indeed so very bitter–