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Sting Operation unearths Human skeletons being sold for Rs 8000 at Medical College

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Sting Operation unearths Human skeletons being sold for Rs 8000 at Medical College

Muzaffarpur:  A media sting operation has unearthed an illegal trade practice involving the skeletons of unclaimed bodies of people in  Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH)  for hefty prices.

The hospital is the largest in north Bihar and the alleged sting operation found the illegal sale of skeletons/parts of unidentified people was carried out by  ‘safai karamcharis’ for as much as Rs 8,000 each.

The karamcharis used unclaimed bodies of people, who died in the absence of food and medicine, and also some mentally-disturbed people who died in accidents. They would later remove the flesh from the body with their bare hands, boil the skeleton and store it in boxes till it would be completely dry reports Financial Express.

The skeletons wound then be sold to Medical College students at varied prices. It is reported that, for the purpose of study, while a artificial skeleton costs between Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000, an actual human skull could be purchased from these sweepers for about Rs 8,000.

The sting was conducted yesterday with the team entering into a deal with one such safai karamchari, handing over some advance money for purchase of three skeletons, the rate of which was settled at Rs 20,000 after bargaining.

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They were then shown a skeleton stored on the roof of a toilet opposite the post-mortem room of the hospital, the team claimed.

The men carrying out the sting operation did not take delivery immediately and left the place saying they would return with the rest of the cash later, post which they allegedly received calls  to come with Rs 19,500 and take the three skeletons.

A committee at SKMCH is responsible for carrying out the last rites of unidentified dead persons and as per provisions, a policeman is mandated to be present at the time of conducting last rites of an unidentified body.

The alleged expose` reveals that the last rites of such unknown persons were falsely entered in the register.

Senior SKMCH officials refused to speak on the issue.

Muzaffarpur civil surgeon Lalita Singh said the matter would be probed. “It is a grave issue and I will get it probed after talking to authorities of SKMCH ,” she told PTI.

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Source: with inouts from PTI
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  1. user
    Dr Y. B. Chavan. Prof. comm. med GSMC. November 25, 2016, 3:26 pm

    just because something routinely done, it doesn\’t become immune to regulation. the human skeleton is landing into hands of persons who are wanting to make money out of it. this is what is importantly revealed by this sting. giving it to med students may seem to be a good thing, but these very persons may provide it to other buyers too,e.g. past news of bhasma preparations having human bone powder. it needs to be regulated and open instead of covert as seen in this sting.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 25, 2016, 10:40 am

    It looks to me Media has no idea about Human Anatomy, the basics of Anatomy begin with study of skeleton . As a matter of fact every MEDICAL STUDENT should have His or her full skeleton set . This is the important requirement out of many. The professor of Anatomy\’s VERY First introductory class is about having one\’s own skeleton set ( Full set). This has be procured either from the Seniors or by the dissection Hall attenders. I Don\’t think any Tv report or Media house is providing it to Medical students Free of cost. Hardly any one comes forward to Donate the Body after the Death in our country unlike in the West. The responsible media should INITIATE Nation wide drive to encourage body donation after the death. Some paid CHANNELS in association with so called corporate Hospitals are supporting organ donation campaign. Even with Educating the prospective Donors and their families. These Hospitals DESPITE getting Organs FREE of COST, charge Lacs of Rupees from recipients.( Which I think is unethical and illegal). Quite often these operation are failure or of no or less useful. I even suspect some kind of foulplay in such produces.Any such operation should be performed in GOVERNMENT Hospitals, that too for of cost.

  3. This practice is prevalent in almost each and every medical school of India. During our tomes(1990), dissection hall attendant used to provide human skeletons after anatomical dissections at a cost of Rs 300. I dont think, there is snything wrong in this. Its far more practical to learn on original skeleton than artificial bones. Yes, better to legalise this practice rather than negating it…

  4. user
    NOOKALA SRINIVAS REDDY November 24, 2016, 9:56 pm

    Rather than leaving the skeletons of unclaimed bodies to decay, it is better to use them for educational purpose. Something is always better than nothing. Even in Government Hospital medical colleges, the unclaimed bodies of the patients will be sent for anatomy dissection. Better to make a rule by the government that all the unclaimed bodies are to be utilised by the government medical colleges for education and research purpose, rather than inviting such controversies.

  5. Media finds something fishy in each and every thing.

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