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Stop MD Emergency Medicine course running sans MCI nod: HC orders 3 Top Bengal Hospitals

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Stop MD Emergency Medicine course running sans MCI nod: HC orders 3 Top Bengal Hospitals

The MCI and the West Bengal Government submitted that the three hospitals are not having the necessary approval to run the MD Emergency Medicine course.

Kolkata: Taking a strong stand against the running the PG medical courses not recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the Calcutta High Court has now directed the state to pin down the MD Emergency Medicine courses which are being offered by 3 private hospitals in West Bengal without the approval of the apex Medical Council of India (MCI) or the Centre.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported about the issue of unrecognized PG degrees where the Tamil Nadu Medical Council had decided to cancel the license of around 37 Emergency Medicine specialists.

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In the recent case reported from West Bengal, the court passed the orders in response to a PIL filed an NGO, Human Protection and Awareness Organization which maintained that the 3 hospitals, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Peerless Hospital and Durgapur Mission Hospital offered MD Emergency Medicine course without having the nod of either apex authorities which is compulsory to run any medical course at an institution.

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Observing the claims made by the NGO, the HC ordered state and MCI to file a report on the matter. Subsequently, the MCI and the West Bengal Government submitted that these hospitals are not having the necessary approval to run the course.

After these submissions, the hospitals justified their side before the bench.

The officials from Medica Hospital claimed that the course was being run in collaboration with a reputable foreign university and was discontinued a year ago.

“We had launched an MD course in emergency medicine in collaboration with George Washington University, USA, in 2017. It did not have an approval, though we had asked for it. We have discontinued the course last year,” said Medica CEO Alok Ray informed TOI.

Meanwhile, Peerless Hospital pointed out to the court that their course was more like a training programme. The hospital said that it would enter a legal battle to seek recognition for the course and continue it.

“We had never claimed that it was a conventional MD course. We had started it several years ago to help young doctors prepare better to deal in emergency medicine and care. Many have benefited from the course,” said Chief Executive Officer Sudipta Mitra.

However, the bench considered the submission made by the state and expressed its surprise over the fact that the courses were being held without the required permission by the MCI or the central government.

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The high court division bench of Chief Justice TBN Radhakrishnan and Justice Arijit Banerjee; then directed the state government to take steps to stop MD courses being run at the three private hospitals, reports TOI.

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  1. MBBS cant do hair transplant surgery , caessarean section, cholecystectomy though MBBS is a graduate in surgery.80 % of the post graduate doctors doesnt know how to intubate a patient. During intubation dont judge a skilled MBBS doctor on the basis of unrecognised emergency medicine degree.We dont need any permission from MCI for intubating a patient.The corrupt MCI members doesnt even know how to intubate a patient.Fuck off MCI.

  2. user
    A proud emergency medicine Physician August 13, 2019, 12:07 am

    I am surprised to see so many of our so called colleagues doing medical jousting in the open Platform.Be Ashame of urself!! How many of you first of all understand what emergency medicine is?? How many of u know the first 15 minutes of is how crucial and how these 15 minutes can make difference between morbidity and mortality..and the irony is emergencies has been handled by ayush..bams..bhms or an intern or afresh MBBS who knows only the call consultants and shift the patients!!
    We all should be greatfull that University like GWU introduced MEM..
    MEM is Not MD,MEM never said that they are recognised..But(GWU) MEM came as revolution and converted the casualty into emergency Medicine.Those who are criticising MEM just go through there course schedule u guys will understand that what is the course all about.By the way managing emergency is a responsibility of each and every doctor. STOP BURNING guys be greatful to those who are working in ER selflessly.
    Stop taking out grudges..MEM never claimed its recognition..there are 1000 of post mbbs degrees and fellowships from critical care to diabetes which is not recognised by MCI.But still hold Quality and standards and still running peacefuly in india then Why Behind MEM and MRCEM?? The problem is not the course..its just the politics that are going on..Support emergency medicine.. instead of commenting without understanding.

  3. Stop all this type of non recognised, bougus course in INDIA and also stop writing and displaying this type of degree and non recognised MS general surgery degree from Russia. The doctors who are claiming and practising as a feake spealist has to be stopped and giving punishment.

  4. user
    Emergency physician August 13, 2019, 12:16 am

    Doctors who are practising emergency medicine from GWU..are MEM(masters emegency medicine) mind u this is not fake.And emergency management is a responsibility of each and every doctor.. i am talking abt GeNe i.e MBBS..
    How many orthopaedic u know can intubate or manage Stemi?
    How many cardiologist u know can manage orthopaedic emergency.
    How many urologist you know can manage traumatic head inuries?? How many surgeons unknow who can do stroke thrombolysis
    MEM has trained MBBS Doctors to master emergency medicine..they never said MCI recognises it.. because we mbbs doctors dont need any1 permission to intubate a gasping patient.And that wat emergency medicine is.

  5. I would like to draw the attention of the above NGO-human protection and awareness organisation to do something so that some doctors holding MCI non recognised russian MS general surgery degree and claiming themselves as a surgeon and displaying board and cheating general public mostly at murshidabad and Nadia District of WB. They also make themselves enlisted in the panel of surgeon of West Bengal swasthya biama joyona and drawing surgeon money after doing surgery .Stop this thing urgently and draw the attention of GOVT OF WB ,DM.,CMOH and give them some punishment, so that they can\’t do this cheating again and again.

  6. user
    A frustrated medico August 12, 2019, 8:33 am

    More of these type of incidents will come when NMC takes charge and the indian population mainly the rural population gets cleaned out mainly in northern and central india.

    Best way to control excessive population growth.

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