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Strike Alert: BHU Medicos beaten with bricks, Resident Doctors refuse to provide services

Strike Alert: BHU Medicos beaten with bricks, Resident Doctors refuse to provide services

Varanasi: Health services at one of the biggest medical institutes in the country, Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh,  came to a standstill after around 450 of its resident doctors called for OPD shutdown. The strike pursued in view of the recent brutal assault at 2 resident doctors wherein 5 oppressors threw bricks at them giving the doctors severe injuries. 

Demanding doctor’s safety at the workplace, most of the services at the hospital were stopped. The doctors have threatened to stop emergency services as well if the concerned authorities fail to consider their legit demands.

According to doctors, the incident took place on November 3rd. Two doctors were brutally assaulted near the Special ward of the SSL hospital attached to the institute. It has been alleged that a group of 5 unidentified men stopped their bikes in front of the ward and asked for a stethoscope from the resident doctors who were passing by. When the doctors denied, they snatched the stethoscope and started beating them with it, then began throwing stones at the doctors. The assault went on for 10 to 15 mins rigorously and after that, the men absconded.

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During the incident, there was no security personnel available. Following the attack, both the doctors sustained major injuries. While one doctor suffered right ear bleed and traumatic preparation of tympanic membrane with several abrasions and contusions; the other has sustained severe injury behind his ear.

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The incident consequently created major uproar within the hospital and further condemning the attack the doctors have resorted to strike demanding security at the workplace.

The doctors have further demanded that the culprits involved in this assault are booked under MPA and other relevant IPC sections. Raising slogan as save the saviors, the doctors have urged the concerned authorities to increase the security at the institute and implement specific channelization for patients coming to Hospital.

Resident doctors have stated that no concrete action has been taken by the university and hospital administration regarding their demands. They have sent a notice to the university administration that if the same situation prevails, the emergency service will also be stopped after the next 72 hours. It will be the responsibility of the university administration. Earlier, the institute’s director, Prof. RK Jain, chief professor, Prof. OP Rai, the dean of students’ welfare, and several officials met the resident doctors. Officials said the culprits should be apprehended soon, reports Live hindustan


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  1. Doctors can never stand united. If resident doctors in govt colleges go on strike professors and adhocs work. Whats the use? IMA is always late in its stand. Why doesn\’t IMA ask senior doctors in govt colleges to support resident doctors? The reason is our community is timid. Everyone runs behind money. A single strike by doctors is not successful till date. Everyone doesn\’t participate. Will all doctors in corporate hospitals support? No they wont

  2. So now Doctors are beaten up by any random piece of garbage even without any patient care issue to cry about. Congrats Govt of India. You have successfully ensured a population drop.

  3. Only solution is become a vote bank,, Democracy works this way..Rally behind the IMA President, If a political party doesnt support and solve grievances of the community mass vote against. Next time all political parties will ensure the community is not angered in any way.. We spend much of our lives in the medical aspects, so why vote based on issues like caste, religion… We are a big institution with large no of paramedical staffs also, lets unite everyone and vote in one voice. Until we are truly united we will be treated this way.

  4. We doctor are helpless because we are not able to put pressure on government of india. Totally Helpless

  5. user
    Dr nischal Prasad November 7, 2019, 10:33 am

    We are not United. Everything\’s else is bakvas. Stand United we can bring down anybody or at least ensure our safety