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Tamil Nadu: TN Medical Council Suspends fake doctor

Tamil Nadu: TN Medical Council Suspends fake doctor

Tamil Nadu : In a shocking case of impersonation  , Tamil Nadu Medical Council recently came across the case of Dr Thamizharasi T, who had a medical degree, a license to practise and all other documents that would show her as a certified doctor. What she didn’t have was her certificates of class 12 examinations. With further investigations, what came to a shocking surprise of the council is that Dr Thamizharasi T was not Thamizharasi T at all, but one Archana Ramachandran who had impersonated Thamizharasi T to get into med school.

TOI reports about  Archana Ramachandran, who had failed class 12 exams, took over the identity of one Thamizharasi Thulukannam to get medical seat and then became a doctor.

To add to the surprise,the complain of the person was made by none other than her husband M Karthick and her father-in law R Manohar who had written to the council stating that Archana Ramachandran, daughter of a former village administrative officer, had impersonated Thamizharasi Thulukannam, to get a medical seat.

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“They have now given us documents that show that Archana had failed her Class 12 board examination and has been living as Thamizharasi with the help of her father, R Ramachandran. Thamizharasi died in 2003,” said Tamil Nadu State Medical Council president K Senthil told TOI.

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The Council has forwarded the case to the police on charges of impersonation, who will now conduct an inquiry. Since the inquiry is expected the take time Tamil Nadu State Medical Council has removed Dr Thamizharasi T from the medical register and she has been placed under suspension until further orders on charges of impersonation.

Complainants want to ensure that the medical profession and prospective patients are saved from erring doctors. We have decided to debar this doctor because we were convinced that she had impersonated. Further investigations will be done by the city police,” Dr Senthil informed .



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  1. What a shame

  2. Better to be late than never.
    I have been advocating to either w
    overhall the MCI or scrap it and institute a honest , sincere, body to be removed every five years

  3. user
    NAGENDRA NATH NAGAR July 26, 2016, 10:04 am

    w could she earned her medical degree,any thing can happen in our beloved country.
    Why only MCI to b blamed.when she reached this stages.How could she befool degree college, medical college, university like bodies.Shear Money can not do this. Money,approach & connection s must have done all this.
    But how a common man can get out of all this.
    Why the relatives complained now ? That must not b public interest but some personal animity.
    I recommand that she may b given capital punishment but should be allowed to practice, as she has earned a valid qualification. Let her knowledge b not wasted.After all public money has been spent on her education ,that must b paid back to public in the form of medical services.
    She should b posted in remote area hospital,with manageable remuneration.

  4. Go to GKM hospital purasaivakkam in Chennai there you can find lot of doctors without registration numbers

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