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Telangana Doctor climbs atop 40 feet Mobile Tower demanding Divorce from Wife

Telangana Doctor climbs atop 40 feet Mobile Tower demanding Divorce from Wife

Telangana : Reminding people of the famous scene from ‘Sholay’ movie where actor Dharmendra climbed  atop a water tank, professing his love for the female protagonist played by Hema Malini, a man on Wednesday perched on a mobile tower in Telangana, not to profess love for his beloved but to press for divorce from his wife.

A doctor by profession, Dr Ajay was supposedly fed up with his wife Lasya as she allegedly filed cases against him in Jagtial police station.

According to the local police, the duo got married seven years back and were blessed with a daughter. But, four years back, his wife filed a case against him under Section 498 (Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty). Later, they compromised and continued staying together.
Ajay complained that the police often summoned him to the station, but would not let him present his version. He dropped a letter from the tower, narrating his problem, “My wife threw me out of my house after lodging a case second time two days ago. But, police are pressurizing me to pay the rent. They (police) do not listen to me. Is there no protection for men?” he wrote.

Source: times now

The police further informed that after Lasya lodged a case against him the second time, Ajay climbed up a cell tower and refused to come down, saying he wanted a divorce.

Later, the police somehow managed to calm him down.

Times Now quotes his letter as stating “Vexed I took this decision to jump from the tower if justice is not done to me”.


Source: with agency inputs
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  1. The laws that protect women in India are meant for under privileged section. However, women from affluent society are seen always taking misadvantage of the laws. Such cases should be considered with more unbiased way and men or women, nobody should suffer from biased laws.

  2. haha legal system unabashedly illogically in favor of women on several issues. that isnt the solution for dismal state of women at large- by harassing a lot of innocent men for the ones who have crushed em down the ages.
    instead of taking equality rights personally against them both sexes should vouch for a logical legal set up for else we ll have an opposite age ahead where women crush men.
    history\’s revenge? not smart!

  3. judiciary open your eyes there are many people facing harassment from women. if equality is the agenda why only for females have lots legal protection ?

  4. Saying truth u sir. Present time women misbihaving and cruel for husbands.they are mentally harresing to their husbands. On the support of laws