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MBBS Doctor performing Hair Transplant: Medical Council removes name for 2 years

MBBS Doctor performing Hair Transplant: Medical Council removes name for 2 years

Hyderabad: An MBBS medical practitioner in the state has received a suspension order for the period of two years from the Telangana Medical Council which also debarred him to from practicing hair transplant surgery.

” Telangana State Medical Council has suspended Dr Mohd Ishratullah Khan M.B.B.S  for a period of 2 years and debarred from practicing Hair Transplant Surgery. He is an M.B.B.S doctor and does not have postgraduate qualifications. He did Hair Transplant on a Diabetic Patient by name Sri Tariq Khusroo without proper evaluation and necessary care. He is projecting himself as hair transplant specialist without any recognized qualifications. Postoperatively patient developed Life-threatening complications resulting into loss of one eye,” Dr V Rajalingam, Registrar Telangana Medical Council told Medical Dialogues team

The case pertains to an elderly patient, a known diabetic who underwent hair transplant surgery by Dr Mohammed Ishratullah Khan. The patient later allegedly developed severe infection and gangrene, which in turn led to sepsis. He was treated at a private hospital and survived the infection, but his right eyeball had to be removed due to damage.

After going through the case and the submissions, the council noted the following

  1. The doctor agreed after the assurance given to proceed with the transplant of hairs and it was told that the doctor will make 3500 grafts and from such grafting, tissues will be formed for the growth of hair resulting in the formation of hair on the scalp. Whereas the doctor made 2800 grafts out of planned 3500 on his scalp until he was found to have developed an adverse reaction.
  2. On the basis of unrecognized degrees, the doctor is claiming as an expert and attracting clients in hair transplantation- The doctor has no qualifications to state that he has special training. His degrees are not recognized and cannot be registered.
  3. The operating doctor did not evaluate the patient thoroughly. The patient was elderly and diabetic. The doctor did not obtain any specialist opinion regarding effective treatment before or after surgery. Surgery on a diabetic, patient is known to fall into complications like sepsis. In this case post-surgery, the patient develops infection cellulitis and gangrene. The gangrene developing within a short time after surgery, resulting in loss of a right eye and other septic complications of gangrenous faciatis.

After going through the submissions the council held the doctor guilty of professional misconduct and violating the code of medical ethics during the performance of his duties. The council issued the order removing his name from the medical register for a period of two years

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  1. A mbbs DOCTOR who is a registered medical practioner can treat any patient provided he observe reasonable care and competency.No were else it has mentioned that he shouldnot treat any category of patients.If he is competent he can do surgeries.Think olden days when MBBS doctors did surgeries like appendicectomy,hysterectomy,herniorraphy caesarian section,pop cast in fractures etc etc.Even today certain highly competent MBBS DOCTORS ARE DOING surgery even in KERALA.But before surgery we have to do basic investigations and proper medications should be given.Infection is a common complication in surgery and it should managed properly.Shame on the council. That too in a period that some group of imbeciles are trying to allow quacks to practice MODERN MEDICINE BY INTRODUCING LAW IN THE PARLIMENT!!!What a hilarious situations.
    This can happen only in INDIA!!

  2. India has funny rules which are according to the will and fancy of elite few. I hope the NMC will be more empowering to the common Doctor rather than the mafia.

  3. Medical education has failed miserably.. Obviously, the doctor wanted to obtain a special degree in hair transplant but couldn\’t get it so he went for unrecognised degree

  4. user
    Dr SJS Randhawa MD DNB February 19, 2018, 6:11 pm

    A MBBS is qualified to do a minor surgery under local anesthesia.
    What precautions did he take is the question.
    Pre op workup of the patient.
    When was infection first recognized.
    Was adequate antibiotic prescribed.
    Was he refferred to higher center in time.
    If all of the above were done properly and in time, there is no negligence.
    Infection is a known complication even in the best centers.
    I have known of a patient developing cavernous sinus thrombosis and dying after squeezing a pimple on the nose. Patients have died after implant infection even in the best hospitals of India
    Shame on the Telengana Medical Council. We are our worst enemies.

  5. An MBBS can perform basic surgical and medical procedures, as he is adequately qualified for it. However, complex procedures need training as well as post graduate qualifications… Hair transplant is a specialised procedure to be done by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. The medical council is right in this decision.
    Also, high time the govt realises that if an mbbs is not adequately experienced or qualified to perform such specialised procedures and treatments, then how do they feel that AYUSH practicioners will practice allopathy!!!!!

  6. user
    Dr SJS Randhawa MD DNB February 19, 2018, 6:18 pm

    Hair transplant is not a \”complex procedure\”.
    There is no formal training or diploma or degree in hair transplant.
    A MBBS can do an I&D, circumcision, tubal ligation, vasectomy, hydrocele, biopsy, removal of superficial tumors eg sebaceous cysts.