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Telangana State Medical Council issues notice to diagnostic center on Kickbacks

Telangana State Medical Council issues notice to diagnostic center on Kickbacks

Hyderabad: Taking strong cognizance of practices of ‘unethical incentives, interpretation charges, cuts and commissions’ given out by some diagnostic centers to middlemen, the Telangana State Medical Council has recently issued its first notice to a diagnostic center at Kalkaji Colony in Warangal.

The notice came after joint complaint was made by the IRIA as well as IMA local branches stating that the diagnostic center was allegedly giving kickbacks to quacks for referring patients, reports TOI. The particular diagnostic center is the first of many, as the  Telangana IMA chapter is reported to have drawn up a list of 12 diagnostic centers in Hyderabad, which are allegedly involved in such practices. It has been further alleged that touts are making anywhere from Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,500 for referring an MRI as well as anywhere between Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,800 for referring a CT scan

“We already moved against one diagnostic centre and will soon approach the TSMC to file written complaints against the 12 identified independent diagnostic centres operating in Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad districts. They have been collecting exorbitant amounts from patients for CTMRI scan services so that they can to give a commission to quacks,” Dr T Narsinga Reddy , president, IMA, Telangana state told the daily.  Having said that the , TSMC chairman, Dr E Ravindra Reddy stated that they are yet to issue written complaints against city-based diagnostic centres yet.

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The state medical council has sought a detailed explanation from the diagnostic center asking its representatives to appear before the council on or before 17th December, 2016 with detailed copies of relevant material, qualification of the radiologist and registration of the diagnostic centre.

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What Regulations Say

Chapter 6 of Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 deals with unethical practices in medical profession with rule 6.4 prohibiting Rebates and Commission in the profession stating:

  1. 6.4.1 A physician shall not give, solicit, or receive nor shall he offer to give solicit or receive, any gift, gratuity, commission or bonus in consideration of or return for the referring, recommending or procuring of any patient for medical, surgical or other treatment. A physician shall not directly or indirectly, participate in or be a party to act of division, transference, assignment, subordination, rebating, splitting or refunding of any fee for medical, surgical or other treatment.

2. 6.4.2 Provisions of para 6.4.1 shall apply with equal force to the referring, recommending or procuring by a physician or any person, specimen or material for diagnostic purposes or other study / work. Nothing in this section, however, shall prohibit payment of salaries by a qualified physician to other duly qualified person rendering medical care under his supervision.



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  1. TSMC is the worst possible forum I have seen. It is located in a dilapidated building without any basic infrastructure like sitting arrangement to the petitioners and the drs. summoned. They call all at a time at 12 noon and never assemble on time nor call the listed cases. They start their work after lunch time and then postpone the matters which cannot be taken up. what is this 12 noon time? Either they should follow the timing of regular court or office instead of calling at 12 noon. They are expected to maintain discipline and punctuality and decorum in treating/questioning the professionals. They summon specialists who rendered treatment and succumb to the political pressure instead of on the merits of the case. they are also corrupt and go on shouting on the drs. They feel that they are super human beings know every thing about all branches of specialties. Either the Govt. or the courts should rein in their behaviour. If they receive a complaint they call explanation of the treating dr./hospital. On receiving this they should give a written questionnaire seeking clarifications to the points on which they want to question. Then the written explanation is there in writing before the commission and the petitioner based on which the case should be decided. Or the Lawyers should be allowed to represent the petitioner as well as defendant. In the absence of this they are acting according to their whims and fancies. The parties appear there not to get insulted. How a person not having adequate knowledge can dispose the cases of medical negligence? How they can summon on any one based on some news item in one or two news papers who can print anything at the instance of some one not related to the patient who underwent treatment?

  2. Kick Backs are on going truth with many laboratories and unethical doctors, there are few doctors have some ethics and rest are making money by unscrupulous methods many Doctors get maximum kick backs for CT and MRI even for minor elements and many biochemical and clinical pathology tests are casually written and most tests are done unqualified technicians, today doctors get little fees by consultation and maximum benefited by the unnecessary investigation No government can stop it it just goes on many in the nation with to becomes rich without any hard work Doctors are no exception It is unfortunate to become a patient many eat away before the patient dies Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology

  3. user
    Dr shabana shireen December 13, 2016, 1:00 pm

    All the diagnostic laboratories should be run by qualified medical doctors who have a M.D. or diploma in their specialities. Gullible patients are otherwise expoited with wrong reports.

  4. Not only diagnostic centres, many hospitals are also hand in glove with touts, pimps and RMP\’s. All this happens very openly. However this is very difficult to prove as the TSMC has no investigation abilities. Many honest doctors and people who want to complain to the TSMC are unable to ďo so because it is difficult to get proof dispite everything happening openly. All news paper journalists know this but they take bribes from the culprits and shield them. The entire system is rotten.

  5. user
    Dr prakash munoth December 11, 2016, 7:59 am

    Not only 1 centre ,almost all centre\’s,corporate hospital,nursing homes are also involved in this Nexus.catch big fish 1st .automatically everyone will come into line