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Terminated doctor used to harass junior residents : says AIIMS

New Delhi : Weeks after several faculty members of AIIMS protested a doctor’s removal for allegedly misbehaving with a patient in 2015, its administration on Wednesday said several other complaints, including of harrasment, were pending against him.

The complaints include using objectionable language during ward assessment.

The AIIMS administration has also said that Kuldeep Kumar, during his stint with the institution as assistant professor in the medicine department, was writing and disseminating objectionable e-mails against senior professors and heads of the departments.

The AIIMS on January 10 terminated services of Kuldeep Kumar of the medicine department for allegedly misbehaving and manhandling a patient in September last year.

After the incident, a committee was set up under head of the department S.K. Sharma to conduct an inquiry. It decided in late January to terminate Kuldeep Kumar’s contract with the AIIMS.

Following support from some of the faculties, Kuldeep Kumar also sat on a protest outside the director’s office on Wednesday.

The Central Administrative Tribunal recently issued a notice to the AIIMS administration, questioning the inquiry process before the doctor’s removal.

The statement issued by the AIIMS administration said Kuldeep Kumar also had several complaints of frequently harassing junior residents of his department while making various presentations in the department.

“Many patients and staff members have complained against his behaviour,” said the statement issued by the administration.

Medical Dialogues team asked Dr Kuldeep Kumar, who had a completely different story to tell. He said” I have never misbehaved with anyone, let alone my juniors. I am being framed. And the evidence against me is also fraud. The HOD submitted to the dean some complaints  from my juniors as evidence against me. Ironically, the so-called evidence are in the form complaints that are dated 20th August. However, they were submitted on the 1st august itself. How can they submit evidence on a date when it was not even in existence?”

” Although the media reports state that i am being terminated on grounds of misbehaviour, no such thing was stated in my termination letter which was handed over to me, without any warning, hearing or any intimation,” he added

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Source: IANS
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