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Total Rs 1 crore Recovery from 400 doctors in Uttarakhand initiated

Total Rs 1 crore Recovery from 400 doctors in Uttarakhand initiated

DEHRADUN: Acting strongly on the issue of compulsory service bond violations in the state, the Uttarakhand government is all set to send recovery notices to 400 doctors for such violations. TOI reports that recovery notices amounting to Rs 1 crore will be slapped on 400 medical practitioners, who studied in government medical colleges but did fulfill the bond conditions attached.

With the state government grappling with the shortage of doctors and many of these doctors reneging from their bond contracts, the state government has decided to inititate recovery proceedings against these doctors.
A confirmation to this effect was made by CM Rawat on Sunday who stated that doctors who have violated the bond conditions would be liable to pay the penalty

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  1. Why should not the reserve category candidates be compulsorily posted in these posts any reason.Don\’t they want to serve their own areas and people?

  2. I do not know whether it is really subsidised education. One needs to evaluate expenditure exclusive to those medical college departments which do not participate in functioning of the hospital. Hospitals are established for the patients and they will be there whether students are there or not. Hospital expenditure should not be taken as expenditure on students. More over as federal state, the state is committed to provide all types of education to all whether it is medical education or any other. Legality of bond needs to be questioned. Agreed that the states also have to provide health services to rural masses but this \’bonded service\’ is not a justifiable answer.

  3. The candidate from other states selected by neet should not be included in it as it is by chance they got selection

  4. My objection to this rural duty for one year is that the teachers who taught the students do not teach them how to practice medicine in rural hospitals that have poor infrastructure. Also, there ought to be a teacher in the designated rural hospital to guide, supervise the fresh medicos. Until then such health care is unfair to the fresh doctors and could be harmful to the patients.

  5. why only bond for doctors, it is natural injustice, a medical student gets seat by merit competing with others . they have earned their seat. if for national purpose then u should ask all people who have studied in govt college like lawyers, engineers , IIT, IIM , ETC to do compulsory govt service. a poor student who has by his intelligence won a seat is punished, by compulsory bond, should not go to foreign countries etc. this is grossly against natural justice.

  6. If the students had not signed the bond then they could have asked for their rights. After signing on an agreement, taking complete subsidized education and then not fulfilling it is a form of treachery. It is like an informed consent. We all cannot all the time accuse government as it in thinking in interest of citizens in far flung areas. Their was a choice of not signing. I do agree why only Doctors. Why not other professions. May be because other professions are not as revered, and life depends on presence of a doctor in a community.

  7. Treachery is wen all r treated equally.. Not wen only one profession is sidelined… If v Dr\’s have studied in subsidized rate, then v have also worked in hospitals treating pts.. So v have already paid back wat v got..

  8. Would u consider working in a far flung area… Or send ur daughter there… I am willing to sponsor ur education way beyond the \”subsidized\”. Stop being a hypocrite. Try living in a village, working in a hospital that has just beds as healthcare infrastructure and nothing else… Then maybe give ur \”gyaan\”.

  9. user
    dr. mallika a slave to tamil nadu govt December 20, 2017, 10:02 am

    s true it is informed written consent but r we allowed to take seat if we dont sign it or sign it with objection.. y they r making us slaves wen our constitution is against slavery..