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UNDERQUALIFIED: MS Surgery performs kidney stone removal, hospital held guilty of medical negligence

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Patiala: A health department committee constituted to inquire into medical negligence allegations by doctors of a private hospital have held the hospital guilty noting that a procedure that requires the qualification of an MCh Urology was performed by an “underqualified doctor” who was just a PG in General surgery.

The surgery had gone wrong which resulted in complications in the patient and hence complaints of medical negligence against the hospital.

The case goes back to last year when a patient had undergone Percutaneous nephrolithotomy for removal of kidney stones at the hospital. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is a minimally-invasive procedure to remove stones from the kidney by a small puncture wound through the skin. It was alleged that during the procedure, the surgeon erroneously cut the artery of the patient.

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The patent was discharged in a stable condition, however, he developed hematuria after two days. He went back to the same hospital for treatment where the doctors performed three-way periurethral catheterisation and bladder irrigation to stop the blood in urine problem.

Dissatisfied with the treatment, the patient then went to three other hospitals CMC Ludhiana. Doctors at CMC diagnosed him with Post PCNL inferior segment artery bleed with clots.

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The patient then filed a complaint against the hospital and the treating doctor, post which an inquiry committee was set up by the District Health Department to examine into the allegations of medical negligence.

The committee held that the treating surgeon at Phull Neuro And Multispeciality Hospital was an only general surgeon, therefore, not qualified to perform the surgery of Urology (branch of medicine and physiology concerned with the function and disorders of the urinary system).

The doctor in his defence before the committee stated that he had undergone observership of two weeks from a medical college in Kerala in Urology. However, the Punjab Medical Council, a statutory body which regulates allopathy in the state, observed that the course, the doctor had undergone, was not recognised by the MCI, reports the Tribune

Parminder Singh, the victim, alleged to the daily , “Apart from the monetary loss, I had to go through mental harassment as well. I have seen worse in the two months. Moreover, as per the doctors, my left kidney has been damaged 30 per cent. We were not properly guided by the Phull Neuro Hospital.

Speaking to Tribune, the surgeon added, “The MCI, has nowhere mentioned that a general surgeon cannot perform a particular surgery. Moreover, the report is biased because the members of the committee were from Patiala only, therefore, it was very likely that they had been influenced. I demand that a pre-inquiry into the whole case so that the truth can come out.”

The founder of the hospital, said, “The patient himself wanted to be operated by Dr Rohit Garg only. He has been blackmailing us since last year.”




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  1. This is the time some doctors holding a MCI recognise MBBS degree and after that did MCI non recognisedthe MS general surgery from Russia and claiming themselves as a surgeon and performing surgery in RSBY and prodhan Montrose swasthya biama joyona and claiming PMbima surgeon money —this has to be stopped.A doctor can write or claim themselves as a MD/ MS in a particular speciality only when thier MD/MS degree registered as a additional qualifications in MCI or state MCI register other than writing non recognised russian MS general surgery or MD general medicine must be stopped and punishable offence.A very hard punishment must be given to those doctos who are doing this in India.

  2. This is the time to ommite MS general surgery or MD general medicine degree because nothing is left for them to treat.So direct super spealist degree is the only option. I suggest to my fellow colleagues don\’t go for that, other wise u will suffer a lot.what is left there for you to treat???? So don\’t do a mistake.

  3. This is important to make it clear by MCI what are the surgery and surgical procedures can be performed by a MS(general surgery) qualified surgeon.

  4. user
    Dr.C.P.Singh Kota August 10, 2019, 8:57 am

    start the practice its not only safe but also a tool for learning .
    Qualified and registered First.
    leval of learning and training one must be aware , and improve by training , No short cuts.
    Fully Trained or stage of training , all four steps are important 1observation 2 assitence 3 preformance in presence of expert and then 4 performed indepandently expert as observer, after that one may start practicing to get mastery .Certification and legally qualification is impotant ,
    it now time to change the Belief and intension of Hit miss trial and error ,To do it right first time and every time .

  5. user
    Col (Dr) Gulshan Lal Sachdev August 7, 2019, 10:47 am

    Without going into the details I feel sad to read that operation was performed by a General Surgeon !. I wonder where we are moving to. How many Mch Urology are available in the country except confined to limited cities. Gen Surgeons are backbone of the large population.and they should not be down graded.For removal of Renal stones Urologist is ideal choice but that should not debar Gen Surgeon. Can we really quantify as to which all operations can be perform by a MS Gen Surgeon. It is worth pondering.