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UP: Extortionists demand Rs 50 Lakhs from Homeopathy Doctor, get Arrested

Ghaziabad: Inspired by a movie stint, a 20-year-old man from the state planned to extort money from a prominent homeopathic doctor, to in-turn help “poor and needy” by constructing hospitals and charitable institutions with the extorted money. The accused Shivam Tyagi has been arrested by the local police from Mariam Nagar along with his accomplice and a case of extortion is booked against them.

Probably the legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood (depicted robbing from the Rich and giving to the poor) seemed real for the man, to not distinguish between the reality and folklore, as he strategies a full proof plan to execute on a doctor, based in the state. Narrated by the prime accused, a class 12 open school student, he was inspired by a movie in which a man extorts illegally acquired money from business man and then built offices which work for helping poor and needy people.

Shivam borrowed a SIM from a friend to call and began his operation. He began calling up the doctor to give threats. When the doctor did not respond to his calls, he begin sending SMS’s asking for Rs. 50,00,000/- extortion money from the doctor, and threatened him that if he fails to pay the said money, he and his family will be killed.

The doctor and his family, disturbed by the threat calls, immediately filed an FIR with the Sahani Gate police, against the caller. The police after the required investigations, include surveillance methods nabbed Shivam and his accomplices.

The accused said that he saw the doctor’s name on hoardings at several places and got inspired by a movie.

“The hero in the movie establishes offices and ropes in young men to collect money for helping the poor by targeting people who acquired wealth illegally. Since I had to initially start a similar business, I decided that I should have some considerable funds to establish my own offices,” the suspect told HT .

“So to get the initial amount, I called up the doctor. But when he did not respond to my calls, SMS and threats, I did not pursue the case further,” he said.

He said, he could have also acquired money to help poor and needy like in the movie the man did, if the homoeopathic doctor had responded to his demands.



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