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UP PNDT offer: Rs 1 Lakh to Decoy Customer, Rs 60,000 to informer

UP PNDT offer: Rs 1 Lakh to Decoy Customer, Rs 60,000 to informer

Lucknow: Desperate to curb its falling sex ratio, the UP government has announced a new scheme to curb the practices of sex determination and the consequent sex selective abortions in the state.

Effective from the 1st July, 2017, the UP government has launched a new informer scheme, to enable them to inform and perform sting operations on those doctors as well as institutions that indulge in the activities of sex determination and female foeticide. As per the scheme, which shall be a part of NHM, it has been decided to give reward of Rs 60,000 to an informer that provides information about such centres. Likewise, Rs 1 lakh shall be awarded to the pregnant woman who acts as a decoy customer in the sting operations, whereas Rs 40,000 shall be given to the associate who assists the pregnant woman conduct the decoy operations. With the said disbursement, government is ready to spend a total of Rs 2 lakh for every sting operation.

The above said amount shall be paid in three installments only after the successful completion of the decoy operation.The first payout will happen at the stage of a successful operation, second at the time of appearing before the court as a witness and third at the time of a conviction.

The government has also formed a committee for this purpose to facilitate the joining/registration for informers/decoy patients at each district.

Any wilful misuse of the operation or false implication by the decoy patient or the informer could mean they could be put in a “blacklist”

Medical Dialogues View:

While above step may weed out some of  the black sheep who indulge in such illegal practices and bring a bad name to the medical profession, doctors should stay warned against those who may try to name and shame a particular doctor/centre for the purpose of “prize” money. Lack of checks and balances in the above scheme may lead to false prosecution of some honest medical practitioners who shall become victim to fake information . Mere blacklisting  of such people is not going to compensate a medical practitioner of his/her lost honour in case of incorrect raids based on fake information

Attached below is the notification of the scheme

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  1. user
    Dr paresh pujara June 27, 2017, 7:16 pm

    Government has better way also. First. Government should make rule That if government wishes it can do a. Narcotest of PNDT Registration holder. As well as suspected pt who done SD. Second Government is interested in Equal M/F ratio. So government Should Make rule that after 2female children. s/d is allowed only in government hospital By this way problem can be solved without disturbing Doctrrs at large

  2. user
    Dr Mrinal SIngh June 27, 2017, 12:57 pm

    the govt should equally penalise the false customers and informers, mere blacklisting is being partial and casual towards frivolous reporting. Such decoys and informers should be 100 percent sure before naming any centre as it tarnishes the public image of the centre very badly. secondly the Damocles sword should be on these decoys and informers head so as to prevent them from being frivolous. I request a fair punishment for them also and public ridicule of such people who play foul with a respectable citizens public image so that these people think ten times before taking this step. It also should not be used as adouble edged weapon to sort out personal vendatta by local people , patients and local leaders and goons.

  3. user
    dr sushil garg June 27, 2017, 10:38 am

    doctor should start doing sting of all patients asking for SD and report to police authoritis and media .oterwuse doctors cant escape mafia players in this game . authorities have both hands laddoos on one side they get bride and on otherhand they get promotion . start doing sting of corrupt authoritiesas well

  4. user
    Dr. Neelam Nath June 27, 2017, 10:03 am

    well done. may other states follow.

  5. user
    Dr.Rajendrasing Pardeshi June 27, 2017, 9:28 am

    It\’s really a good decision by CM UP to give Rs.100000/- to the Pregnant woman,who will be ready for Decoy..And also Rs.100000/- on informant & Assistants…We always in favour of sting operations ,rather than to harass innocent Doctors ,finding Documentary lacunae in their \”F\” forms & records, which will not at all related with actual sex determination…Corruption is increasing day by day..Hence sting operation will solve many problems…They should provide Camera\’s & GPS systems to Decoy to fullproof the operation..Decoy volunteer should be protected by law…