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Viral Video: Doctors have shouting match during emergency Cesarean

Viral Video: Doctors have shouting match during emergency Cesarean

Rajasthan: Bringing a huge backlash from the Indian public, a video showing two medical practitioners hurling verbal abuses at each other, while operating on an emergency caesarean patient has now gone viral on social media.

The video comes from the operation theatre of Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital, where the assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology Dr Ashok Nanival – who is seen operating on a patient – arguing with the professor of anaesthesia Dr Mathura Lal Tak using filthy language. The identity of the two doctors was confirmed by the hospital, which also ordered probe reports HT.

As can be seen in the video, which was taken by one of the staff, the two doctors are shouting at each other loudly and threatening each other in Hindi. It is, however, unclear what might have lead to the verbal spat. ANI reports that the Rajasthan high court has taken cognizance of the incident and asked for a report on the incident by 2 pm on Wednesday.

“The woman was admitted fetus was in distress,had low heartbeat, still will probe reason for newborn’s death” informed the Superintendent, Umaid Hospital.

Meanwhile, AL Bhat, Principal, SN Medical College said,”Both doctors have been removed immediately and disciplinary action will be taken against them”

“Dr Nanival was appointed an assistant professor on urgent/ temporary basis. The medical education department has to power to terminate such appointments. For Dr Tak, who is a senior professor, the action will be taken by the DOP ( department of personnel),” Dr Bhat told HT.

Source: with inputs from ANI and HT
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  1. Caution: Such parliamentary behaviour is not allowed when dealing with patients!!

  2. As reported no baby died due to arguments.
    It is seems it is case of full stomach leading to arguments
    It is deplorable.
    Such cases of full stomach due to poor preparation and communication in prep op period leads to an additional risk during anesthesia. Gyne department because of overloading v often fails to avoid this and undermines the risk.
    Admin should protocols in place. To avoid such incidences in future.
    Mortality and morbidity due to full stomach has to be understood by all surgeons

  3. user
    Dr.Ramesh Ranganathan August 30, 2017, 5:42 pm

    I worked as Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Apollo group of hospitals in Mysore and there was a postgraduate student of anaesthesia who would post vulgar,below the belt facebook posts about senior consultants in the hospital,pick up fights with her colleagues,and inspite of few consultants recommending her immediate termination before a major incident occurs in the hospital the general manager of the hospital Mr.Bharateesh Reddy and the medical superintendent of the hospital did not take the issue seriously until she did physically her colleague and send threatening messages to the management they took corrective steps which is the case of too little too late.
    Such incidents are rare but in high risk situations good sense must prevail and in this era of mobile cameras every on must be extra careful in OTs.

  4. they played with the life of one lady and the child. these two idots may be academically qualified but not to be continued as doctors in the society.