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Viral Video Shows Jodhpur Doctor molesting Patients, Doctor now absconding

Viral Video Shows Jodhpur Doctor molesting Patients, Doctor now absconding

Jodhpur: A medical practitioner working at a private clinic located near Akhalia crossroads in Jodhpur, is on the run from the police, since two videos showing him inappropriately touching two female patients has gone viral on social media.

The videos, which are viral on youtube and whatsapp, shows the doctor’s, now identified as Dr Abdul Aziz, misdeed towards two female patients, who can be seen being touched inappropriately by the doctor while undergoing a checkup.

DNA reports that when the media tried to contact him over the phone, he handed the phone to a retired police officer, who defended the doctor on the ground that where is the girl who complained about this matter. Meanwhile, Shivsena leader has filed a case against the doctor, and taking cognisance of the video as well as the complaint the State Woman’s Commission has also began its investigation. However, International Business Times reports that the police is yet to register an FIR against the doctor as the victim ( or her family) has not filed a complaint.

IBT also reports quoting sources say that the videos were recorded six to seven months back. The reports also suggest that the victims might have been blackmailed using these videos. Police suspect that it could be a reason that prevented the victims from filing a complaint. Neither the victims nor their families have approached the police yet.

The doctor is absconding and currently untraceable by the police.


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  1. Please do not project any unqualified person doing illegal medicine practice as a Doctor. There are lakhs of unregistered clinics in india run by some diploma type quacks or desi doctors and they are confused with qualified mbbs and md doctors bringing bad name to medical fraternity doing cheap things with patients. Please be specific what type of doctor did the wrong so that image of each and every doctor is not spoiled.

  2. It seems that this fellow is a \”Unani\” practitioner.
    Shame on him

  3. first confirm whether he is a qualified doctor in actual.If not why to address him as doctor.Don\’t abuse the doctors unnecessarily.

  4. We should expose such doc rather defending them.

  5. Without knowing the ground reality or any investigations, why do you presume that Doctor was at fault?

  6. If the girl is true then why she did not do FIR , instead of making viral the video, this clearly indicate the girl was black mailing the doctor from last 4 months and now when the doctor refuses to fulfill her demand, she makes the video viral.