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Vizag: Seven Hills Hospital Pediatrician falls victim of Acid Attack

Vizag: Seven Hills Hospital Pediatrician falls victim of Acid Attack

Vishakhapatnam: A full-time, consultant Pediatrician with the renowned Seven Hills Hospital in Vishakhapatnam, became a victim of Acid Attack after three miscreants threw acid on his face last night

The incident took place when Dr Balaji Bushan Patnaik, a pediatrician from Cuttack, was returning home from his duty at the hospital on Tuesday night. Hindu reports that his car was hit by a motorcycle from behind. When the doctor got down from his car to assess the extent of the damage, one of the three miscreants on the bike, allegedly threw acid on his face. The bike immediately sped off leaving the doctor severly injured.

Sources have informed Medical Dialogues team, that the doctor has suffered severe burns on his face including his eyes and is admitted into a hospital.  Police investigations are on to assess the reason behind the attack. Meanwhile, Hindu reports that DCP-rank officers are going through the CCTV footage for clues and have formed teams to check all exit routes in the city to nab the culprits.

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  1. Lawlessness is rampant across the country and doctors are now facing the brunt. It is shocking how someone could get acid so freely and fling it on anyone\’s face. The slow moving wheels of the judiciary is responsible for this and if our government doesn\’t act soon, daylight crime will be commonplace. Helping the doctor is our immediate concern but curing the social malaise is to be our long-term goal. God bless the doctor-victim and may God drill some sense into the rampaging brains globally.

  2. really a heinous and cowardly act. If any professional issues are there they must sit and resolve. Now I feel India is getting intolerant towards doctors and it has become one of the unsafe place for doctors in the world. I hope our great P M is reading or listening about all these. Just making law is not sufficient,there must be stringent action such criminals. The conviction rate is so low in our country and punishments are so minor which encourage these type of persons to indulge in these anti social activities with full confidence. I see on idiot s reaction is happy up there. So sad and sadistic.