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Watch: AIB takes on Doctors’ Assault Issue

Watch: AIB takes on Doctors’ Assault Issue

Mumbai: In the past few months, rising violence against doctors has emerged as a major issue plaguing the healthcare system of the country. The issue, which is now the utmost concern for a medical practitioner, is slowly being brought into focus by the media, in an effort to sensitize the general public and patients about the problem, and its drastic repercussions on the doctor-patient relationship.

Bringing the issue to light,  famous comedy group AIB was recently seen talking about the attacks on doctors across the country, . Using their wit and humour as tools, Comedians Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba talk about how violence against doctors are on rise forcing Indian medics are wearing helmets along with their stethoscopes.

The duo, while highlighting the Dhule incident and the following Maharashtra Doctors strike, was also seen mocking the court’s reaction on the strike, which compared medical practitioners to factory workers and told doctors to stop practicing medicine if they are so scared of violence.
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  1. Doctors r Human beings. Theycan,t bring lives all patients. even God can,t do it.Public should make awarness of this fact. Attacks 2 docs should be condemned &attackers should also be punished well.

  2. rogue,corrupt,immoral,dishonest,criminal,valuesless,antinational,coward,selfish,Nation,that is india of today.