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Doctors have to work Minimum 8 hours per day, 6 days in a Week: WB Order

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Doctors have to work Minimum 8 hours per day, 6 days in a Week: WB Order

West Bengal: Aiming to fix the accountability of doctors in the state-run hospitals, the State Health and Family Welfare Department through its notification, mandated that doctors have to serve for minimum 8 hours per day at the institution for minimum six days a week in order to constitute a 48 hour work week. This would exclude On call duty, the order added

The order and the corresponding roster came Clause 3(b) of the memorandum issued by the department in 2011 that stipulates ‘such duty rosters will be prepared, if required in consultation with the concerned. The roster will clearly mention the shift duties and on- call period for each specified day in the week applicable to each individual employee. While preparing the duty roster, the superintendent will take into consideration the total shift duty hours of an employee which should not be less than 40 hours per week’.

The order states the following

Over a period of time it appears that the above provision has been mistook/ misunderstood to mean that if an employee is locally present at the health facilities for two days in a week i.e. 48 hours, it would suffice to comply the provision of clause 3(b) as having met the stipulation of 40 hours per week.

Now, it is clarified to all concerned that the total shift duty rosters of an employee for not less than 48 hours per week means that the duty shall be mandatorily for six days physical presence at the health facilities and within such six days the rosters may be framed so as to provide not less than 48 hours of active duty in shifts (excluding no-call) covering all six days.

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With the new roster, state department has now directed authorities to corroborate the new duty schedule with the biometric attendance system.

Standard duty hours laid by the department for doctors  are as following:

  1. 9 AM to 5 PM, To be marked late after 9: 15 AM and to be counted as next shift after 9: 30 AM.
  2. Next Shift 10 AM to 6 PM, To be marked late after 10: 15 AM and to be counted as next shift after 10: 30 AM.
  3. Next shift 11 AM to 7 PM

The order also specifies the following

  • Any duty hours less than 8 hours a day and more than 7:30 hours/day will be marked as half Casual Leave (CL)
  • Any duty hours less than 7: 30 hours a day to be marked as absent
  • If more than 14 CLs in a year, to be adjusted from EL
  • If EL exhausted, salary to be halved
  • If all leaves exhausted, no salary

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  1. WB seems to be one of the worst states for medical profession – I wouldn\’t be surprised if in next few years, doctors start migrating out of the state.

    48 hour week is fine provided on call duties / emergencies / having to leave late because of a case are also taken into account.

    Politicians and IAS are joining together to ruin medical care in WB. Maybe all for the good. Other states can see and learn what not to do.

  2. user
    dr purohit ex professor ENT June 17, 2018, 7:19 pm

    yes we agree but a doctor can remain in best of health if he only work for 48 hours, any duty more tha 48 hour like emergency call make him physically and mentaly unhealthy so if you deduct 6 hours from 24 hours that become 18 hours that include 12 hours of night so in a week it becomes 132 hours devided by 48=approximatly 3 other doctors needed to sustain a week duty in hospital if you include casual and earn leave than you need 4 others doctors of same speciality to cater a hospital minimal , the moron IAS AND MINISTER should think about this also and i am talking thouroughly a legal point

  3. WB is strange only doctors has accountability no other person they have made doctors prisnors only Bangladeshi goondas ha free hand Bengali\’s are getting what they deserve

  4. Utter nonsense. Doctors should move to other countries. In Australia locum doctor is paid 2000 dollars per day ( 1 lacs RS). Regular specialist doctor is paid 350,000 dollars per year with 5 weeks annual leave, 2 weeks professional development leave ( with separate allowance which covers conference subscription, business class ticket, hotel etc), much better lifestyle and human rights. India is a country run by generalist beurocrates rather than professionals.

  5. Doctors should work for 8 hours only ..
    If *:)! Momata comes for treatment at 8:01 hours hand her over to a \’Peon\’ for treatment !!!
    Let this foolish lady first appoint doctors in all govt hospitals across the state and then talk.Idiot to the core !!!

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