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WB Medical Council suspends 3 Apollo Gleneagles Hospital doctors on medical negligence

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Bengal: Holding negligence in the treatment provided to a four-month-old baby on the part of three Apollo Gleneagles Hospital doctors, the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) has now suspended three doctors associated with the case for a period of three months.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported that the WBCERC has also awarded a compensation of Rs 30 lakh to the baby’s family, who died on April 19.

The case goes back to April 2017 when a four-month-old baby who was admitted to the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital for a colonoscopy died primarily because of anaesthetic overdose.

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Alleging Medical Negligence on part of the hospital and its doctors, the parents approached the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC) and the WBMC.  The WBCERC held the doctors as well as the hospital guilty of negligence.

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“Apollo Gleneagles Hospital is guilty of mismanagement and misrepresentation of facts, deficiency in services, negligent. It is also having come to the conclusion that three doctors seemed to be negligent in carrying out the treatment as expected,” the Commission said in its order.

Since the commission can only try hospitals, the medical negligence part was being probed by WBMC, with PTI now reporting that the state medical council has called for the suspension of three doctors.

As per the order of the WBMC, the names of three doctors associated with the case would be removed from the council’s website and they would not be allowed to work at any medical facility in the state, a senior official said. The council in September conducted the final hearing in the death case.

A WBMC source informed the news agency that the verdict will be out soon.

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Source: with PTI inputs

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  1. It is shocking that none of the doctors evaluated the patient and casually undertook a procedure with no
    one examining the patient and unfortunately common sense safeguards which is expected of a super speciality hospital like Apollo where they claim to follow all international protocols of safety and patient management which obviously is only on paper.
    i myself worked as a senior Consultant in one of the flagship Apollo hospitals for close to ten years and was a first hand witness to all the illegal,unethical activities in the hospital with local powerful managers involved in the same with large scal with large number of Anesthesia related deaths, corrupt practices unfortunately the top management turns a blind eye as these managers would have ensured buttering up of the top management of the Apollo group where loyality to the first family of Apollo is the only criteria for continuing in there jobs and the managers only job is to ensure profits with no regards to ethics and these managers have there favorite Consultants and they divert all patients to those who are favourable to them and any Consultant who objects to these highly unethical practices is shown the door with higher management showing no sense of justice and ironically the top management used to send cards on founders day of Apollo that We are there only because of you Consultants wherin in Reality the Consultants in This group are treated as money spinners with hire and fire rules.
    in an organisation with such a pathetic working atmosphere such incidents will keep recurring with frightening regularity may it be the Kidney transplant Scandal ETC.For them in the organisation
    it is just a statistic.
    As Stalin had Chillingly said one Death is a tragedy and a million is mere statistic.

  2. Absolutely correct. It is our moral duty as human beings to stop such unethical medical practice which is so very regular & common at all Apollo hospitals through which many lives have already been claimed and many more are at stake. Also it is a fact that most number of medical negligence cases are against Apollo hospitals. We must discuss this. Can we connect Dinesh?

  3. Meghna correct anaesthetic spelling

  4. Because of such attitude of public and the WBMCI brilliant doctors are leaving the state and moving to other states of India or overseas

  5. user
    Dr Rajinder Kaul November 10, 2019, 1:10 pm

    They must have not associated any Anaesthetist before and even to start of the procedure . Hence the problem .

  6. surprising how these corporate hospitals managers are so good at spotting & recruiting such doctors.
    reason is simple, pressure to reach targets by hook or crook and some spineless doctors are too eager to oblige.