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Whats My Blood Group? Man files RTI to Medical Council of India

Whats My Blood Group? Man files RTI to Medical Council of India

New Delh: What is my blood group? A man posed this bizarre but “serious” question to the Central Information Commission by way of an RTI plea after tests threw up different results about his blood type.

Rahul Chitra, through an acquaintance, had filed an RTI application addressed to the Medical Council of India (MCI). The plea included reports of tests conducted at different government hospitals and private labs which gave “completely different results” about his blood group.

Some tests revealed his RH factor was positive, while it was found negative in others, he claimed.

Rhesus (Rh) factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells. If a person’s blood has the protein, his/her Rh factor is positive. If blood lacks the protein, Rh is negative. Rh positive is the most common blood type.

The MCI rejected the application, saying it seeks to gather the opinion of the Central Public Information Officer “which is not covered under the definition of ‘Information’ under the RTI Act”.

The RTI applicant and Chitra appeared for hearing before the commission where he said that he had undergone blood tests at four different pathological labs in Agra and at the district hospital.

The tests showed he has two blood types — B positive, B negative.

He said a test conducted at the Pant Hospital in Delhi showed his blood group was B positive.

“If, during an emergency, I require blood transfusion, which blood group would be given to me?” Chitra asked during the hearing before Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad.

The Information Commissioner noted that the issue raised by the applicant was “serious in nature and pertains to Chitra’s life”.

“There is no clarity on Rahul Chitra’s blood group. It’s a serious question as to which blood group should be given to him in case of an emergency. It becomes even more important as information sought is linked to his Right to Life,” he said.

Azad rejected the MCI’s contention that the question does not come under the definition of “Information” which can be sought under the RTI Act and asked the CPIO to transfer the application to Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

“AIIMS is a super specialty hospital which conducts research on such special cases. The commission has concluded that AIIMS can do proper inquiry and inform the applicant,” he said directing the Director, AIIMS, to do the needful and inform the applicant accordingly.

Source: PTI
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  1. B negative blood can be transfixed safely if necessary.. as all of us know. But the problem has to be fixed by expert haematologists..whose opinion is most important here.

  2. I too was B positive for many years. I was given B positive blood transfusion but I was surprised when I was required to undergo blood testng after about 15yrs later I was told I am B negative. After several tests from different recognised hospitals I was declared to be B negative. I thought I was unique and this required wide publicity but later after several discussion i learned that if the antigen is weak, it loses its expression at a particular age which will depend on the strength of the antigen. As for the blood transfusion required you can safely be given B negative blood group. It is no use blaming the labs and asking RTI. Medical science is very complex. If you were told that it is some other group say once B then A then O maybe it would be error on part of Lab, but this problem is only being discovered lately. Usha

  3. When the test for RhD comes as negative,it has to under go Du test by Coomb\’s reaction with both negative and positive controls.If it gives a positive reaction, the Rh is typed as negative (Du positive).Such blood is treated as negative when he/she require a blood transfusion and treated as Rh positive as a donor.Here I think lack of knowledge causes the problem all.

  4. He basically wants publicity.
    He is trying to make a cat look like a lion.
    He can easily consult few specialists and get a complete and expert opinion.
    These all raises doubt in my mind, what is his actual motive?

  5. Problem is a layman thinks medicine is all black and white and expects a yes or no for every query. Whereas doctors are always taking decisions on basis of probability and seriouseness.Most of our treatments are in grey areas.
    Even the judiciary doesnt know that it is not qualified enough in judging the medical aspects of a case. It seems very simple even for a layman when he sees medical conduct retrospectively but making treatment decisions while on the patient is entirely different

  6. Absolutely.

  7. This approach cannot be accepted in a case like this . A missed judgment can cost a life .