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Why people first join medical profession and then regret it

Why people first join medical profession and then regret it

Around 40% of the students in the study had a regret feeling for choosing medical profession

New Delhi: Medicine is considered one of the most noblest professions in the country. Indian Parents take pride in informing others that their child is a doctor and,for children themselves, the tag of a doctor is associated with a greater degree of prestige as well as upliftment in the society. Getting into MBBS is also not easy. Only a handful of students, those who can be considered the brightest minds are rewarded for their handwork and dedication after they clear the entrance exams and join the course.

Many students however, after joining the medical profession find the journey contrary to what they had expected. Depression rates among medical students are at an all time high, and so are the rates of suicide amoung medicos.

While medical colleges across the country are trying to find the ways to boost the morale of their medicos, it is important to first find out the basic reasons as to why young medicos go such a massive change of heart.

This very issue was addressed by study published in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, earlier this year, where researchers form the Department of Community Medicine, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences tried to find out reasons for opting medical profession and regret after joining MBBS course among first year students of a medical college in Telangana

The doctors performed cross-sectional study among 150 first year medical students with a pre-tested, semi structured questionnaire. The mean age of the MBBS students was 17.94 and majority were females (72%).

The authors found that Self-interest was the major reason for opting MBBS

  • The most common motivational factors to take up medical profession were to earn respect in the society (83.87%)
  • The next biggest factor behind the decision to join MBBS was  to make family members happy and proud (77.41%).
  • Money was the main motivation for 35.4% of the subjects

Having said that the study also revealed that almost 40% of the students were having regret feeling for choosing medical profession. Around 12 percent of the students having regrets also felt like quitting MBBS if given a chance. The study called for high attention to be paid to such students. The proportion of students having regrets for taking medical profession was significantly higher among males.

The study further highlighted that majority of the students did not pay attention in the class because of tiredness after continuous classes (58%) followed by poor teaching method by faculty (46.66%).

The study can accessed by clicking on the following link:-

Jothula, K., Ganapa, P., D., S., Naidu, N., & P., A. (2018). Study to find out reasons for opting medical profession and regret after joining MBBS course among first year students of a medical college in Telangana. International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health, 5(4), 1392-1396. doi:



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  1. user
    Dr kiran Wankhede October 30, 2018, 5:13 pm

    Yes i am also doctor pass mbbs. but gone those days now dr works under pressure and no rest can not give time to family

  2. If one join medical school, either for the sake of family pressure or for prestige, then they\’re in for trouble. Whoever has considered it as a profession and work, no failure. Then all our fingers are not of same size. One may become more successful.

  3. user
    Dr. Hemant Patel October 29, 2018, 3:20 pm

    Regret usually comes after passing MBBS rather than while studying MBBS. Mainly because this cream of students are compared with have to complete with AYUSH graduates, not mean to say they are not good in studies but who have entirely different phylosopy of disease process & principles of treatment, not anywhere near allopathy system. Just learning anatomy and physiology is not enough and also just knowing a few names of the drugs, without studying pharmacology in detail, does not mean Ayush graduates can be equated with Allopaths. Shortsighted approach towards medical education and overall healthcare program of Government and to gain cheap popularity and to cover their own inefficiency, Government has made mokery of modern medicine and particularly MBBS course. Ayush graduates practising allopathy as Family physicians and calling physician and surgeon is nothing but quackery also due to lack of clearity on patient\’s symptoms & signs resulting in over investigations, faulty medications, faulty diagnosis and unnecessary hospital and specialist references has created loss of trust in qualified family physicians (MBBS). To overcome all these problems, students after MBBS don\’t want to start as FP or GP but pursue studies for PG and everyone knows how tough it is to get into post graduation. Even after doing PG again Modern Medicine PG or even Super specialist have to treat patients ineffectively treated and then referred by Ayush practitioners to get all the blame of treatment failure and overcharging. Even now we do see many Ayush graduates practising modern medicine in cities and not preferring small towns, then what is the purpose of introducing short courses for Ayush and dentists to allow them to practice as GP in the false hope that they will serve in villages?!?!
    So in nutshell, wrong policies of government has caused tremendous depression in MBBS graduates as they pass out as qualified doctors to face quacks in practice and also society which fails to give MBBS doctors their due respect and place in society as it can\’t differentiate quacks and genuine doctors has caused uncertainty amongst MBBS doctors leading to higher rate of depression and even suicidal incidences in MBBS graduates.
    All allopaths should have a different and prominent logo/symbol for easy identification by people to differentiate Ayush from allopathy (Not Red cross ). Allopaths should educate people about false propaganda about \”no side effects of Ayush treatment\” and Ayush has \”cure for every ailment under the Sun from cancer to HIV\”. Government should improve the MBBS syllabus and make it more practice friendly and develop a system wherein no one can seek higher reference without recommendation of treating qualified MBBS doctor. Patients are free to follow any pathy for their treatment but Ayush graduates can\’t practice allopathy and so also modern medicine graduates can\’t practice Ayush.
    This is the only way to maintain Ayush and allopathy in their real pure form which will benefit the society by an large and reduce depression in MBBS doctors.

  4. Please stop using the word Allopathy. There are no Allopaths. It is just what Homeopaths call everyone else. It is also not Western Medicine. It is just plain Medicine. There is no Western or Indian or Chinese Physics. Just Physics. Same with Medicine.

  5. It is absolutely true Sir …
    Regret is because , most of them somehow get seats and they never had the Caliber to cope-up with the \”Demands of the Profession\” (from day one)…They joined MBBS just to show-off to others and just because they got seats ….I know many of my friends who don\’t even know the function of a Mitochondria/ What is a Chromosome and want to be a DOCTOR !!!
    If a person loves the profession/subject, for him/her everyday is interesting and he knows that money will come only when u show the world that the Subject is important in daily life..
    We Indians have a herd mentality… If somebody says Computer science is paying more everybody wants to be a C.S graduate and if Civil Engg. pays more everybody wants to be a Civil engineer(whether he has any inclination for Geometry/Trigonometry !!!)… Same way, not-so subject-wise Inclined students only who feel MBBS is not interesting and wants to quit in the middle and nothing else !!!
    One should know that, just because one is getting an ELEPHANT Free of Cost………He /She should not bring that elephant home !!!
    Medical Profession like any other service oriented profession(like Soldiers, Teachers) needs commitment, concentration and sacrifices….Only a person who is ready to give that should get a seat .Otherwise we will have half-Hearted Doctors in the years to come !!!

  6. Wel said . There is clarity of registered medical practioner. It must modren medical practioner . Ayush fellows should not be allowed to practice modren sysytem of medicine . Ayush fellows should announce their system of practice bodly in their place of practice . They are not eligible even to prescribe paracetamol tablets . They don\’t have ethics and shame .

  7. Getting into medical college is too easy today,just answer NEET forget your rank,keep the money ready you will get admission in some private college…it\’s easier to pass there,not much pressure..then you are a doctor..and what is there to regret then? You got it all on a platter

  8. Doctors are only considered dacoits if the patient is relieved and given a bill or considered murderers if the patient dies during treatment. This is the reality of our indian society. And the condition is getting worse day by day.