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Wockhardt Hospital: Doctors hide in OT as mob of 300 vandalize Hospital

Wockhardt Hospital: Doctors hide in OT as mob of 300 vandalize Hospital

Mumbai: Enraged over the death of a highly revered religious leader, a fumed mob of over 300 followers erupted chaos at Wockhardt hospital alleging medical negligence.

The religious leader, 56 was a known hypertensive. He was rushed to the hospital after he complained of chest pain. At around 1 AM, he was brought to the emergency room in an unresponsive state.

The patient was having ventricular tachycardia. Subsequently, he was given CPR, but he died soon after 45 minutes.

Infuriated with the death, his followers went amok at the hospital premises alleging medical negligence and started vandalizing the emergency room. They broke glass panes and damaged vehicles that were parked outside the hospital.

During the vandalism, the doctors and nurses hid in the minor operation theatre and locked themselves. Police arrived at the hospital, who after noticing the seriousness called commandos. The mob left soon after.

When asked about the allegations made by the agitated devotees, Dr Sharad Yadav, Emergency Physician confirmed to Asian Age, “Immediately after the patient was brought, I along with my team personally commenced CPR measures. The CCTV cameras have recorded the entire sequence of events.”

“Some mischief mongers had apparently spread the rumour which sparked the trouble. Nor the kin, neither the hospital have registered any complaint with us,” a police officer told the daily.

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  1. Action should be taken regardless of FIR as CCTV evidence is available. The state Govt machinery and police services need to be held accountable as there seems to be a complete breakdown of law and order.It is a shame that they continue to sit in positions of (ir)resposibility.
    Then law exists it needs to be implemented without fear or favour.

  2. user
    Narendra Nanivadekar June 2, 2018, 8:19 am

    Unless the mobsters are not punished, these attacks will not subside.

  3. user
    Dr. Vijaykumar Balkrishna Borade June 1, 2018, 8:17 pm

    One senior doctor should asses severity of pt. and status of situation and start with counseling about pt. Condition and revival of by various measure by drugs and technical lnstrumental intervention Also called medical supplies. Senior Doctor/ Prof. /Police to counseling the furious mob.

  4. user
    Abdul Samad Burhan June 1, 2018, 10:41 pm

    First apply for gun license sir, jab jaan ki padi hai to us waqt counseling Kairi?
    Mob does it for free fun.
    And seniors are more vulnerable, they will be physically slow to run for their lives!

  5. I would call doctors working without muscle men for their security big fools .many incidents have taken place but doctors are in deep sleep .U can be the next wake up doctors,refuse to work without muscle men security.why i say muscle men is security with weapons can be provided by police men who at time of emergency will run away savings their life as they are on duty for salary and not to sacrifice their life as noted in many incidents.

  6. When doctors do not follow the law by not lodging FIR, how can justice be expected. Also govt, police and judiciary should look into why many are hesitant to lodge an FIR.

  7. If doctor or hospital register a complaint, they are screwed once again by everyone, n lot of time is taken. Hence they try to compromise. This is given strength to mob assault culture. Bad state of health care workers