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Write Prescriptions in Triplicate: Uttarakhand passes order

Write Prescriptions in Triplicate: Uttarakhand passes order

Dehradun: Following the trends followed in the west as well as to ensure that its government doctors prescribe generic medicines, the Uttarakhand government has come up with a new directive- asking its medical practitioners to issue prescriptions in triplicate.  The orders to this effect were issued by the state health department, expecting compliance within a week

With this, medical practitioners would issue three copies of a particular prescription, one copy shall be retained by the doctor, one copy will be given to the patient and one for the pharmacist.  The move is justified as to ensure that rational and generic prescriptions are made by the doctor as well as scrutinizing the prescription pattern of doctors. TOI adds that those who wish to prescribe non-generic medicine,  would need to seek permission from a senior doctor and mention the reason behind prescribing them. Also, during audit these prescriptions would be presented to the expert team for scrutiny.

Speaking about the move Officiating director general of health department, Dr DS Rawat, said, “The move will help us keep stock of medicine availability and also, ensure that out-of-pocket expense of patients which is very high (about Rs 3,500 each) will come down substantially.”

It is reported  Uttarakhand will be the first state in the country to implement the system. Orders were given for this in Tamil Nadu but never implemented.

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  1. Let\’s c. This is still India where d Babus rule like Naxals.

  2. user
    Dr. Dharmendra Kumar May 4, 2017, 10:13 am

    All waterloo states need to issue this type of order to audit prescription of Govt. as well as private prctitioner to rationalize use of medicine with a diagnosis or probable diagnosis acording to ICD 10 criteria.

  3. It is called waste of mind and it is very clear BJP government nothing do good in there term

  4. user
    DR. V.S.KRISHNAMURTHY May 3, 2017, 5:12 pm

    This is how we are saving trees. How long to preserve these. Is it better to dispense medicines as was done in olden days.

  5. user
    Emily Meegan May 8, 2018, 5:37 pm

    How do we get these medicinal help

  6. First thing is this is a waste of paper and hazardous for echosystem. In the era of paperless systems this is a step backwards
    Secondly there is a extra cost involved though tiny. I use good bond paper and along with printing the prescription costs me nearlt say 2.5 rupees for a single page. I think the doctor needs to increase the fees appropriatly.
    We are over westernizing ourselfs.
    For generic drugs… how i write triple combinations without brands? Do i write all three ingradients? Pharmaclgy books are not favouring combinations but most of the practicing physicians will agree with me. Who is deciding the pra ticality of prescriptions? Pharmac professors who have never practised? Lots of sour points to make,,

  7. Please don\’t make it an issue of vanity or self pride. V must cooperate with d Law of the Land. Try it first b4 criticizing it. There is always a scope for reform next.