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14th June: Delhi doctors go on strike against repeated assault on medical professionals

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14th June: Delhi doctors go on strike against repeated assault on medical professionals

New Delhi: Delhi doctors agitated against the brutal attack on doctors by hooligans of patients have announced to go on strike on 14th June, 2019 expressing solidarity with the junior doctors at Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital (NRS Medical College).

The entire medical fraternity felt the tremors, when following the death of a 75-year-old patient at the institute, a patient’s family and their supporting mob brutally attacked the treating doctors accusing them of medical negligence.

According to the eyewitnesses, the mob of around 150 persons arrived at the medical facility on bikes armed with bricks, sticks and glass shards and charged against the doctors and dragged the hapless junior doctors to the main gate and assaulted them heinously. Then the mob allegedly started raining bricks at the doctors. The attack dented the skull of the doctor, almost taking his life.

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Agitated with the said incident, the doctors from across the country  are coming forward to protest against the matter.

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Dr Arvind Chopra, State Secretary, Delhi Medical Association (DMA) informed the Medical Dialogues, “ This is not the first incident where the law and order have failed to provide protection to the profession while the profession is working wholeheartedly to save lives. Few gunda elements are attacking medical professionals across the country and spoiling the sacred doctor-patient relationship.”

Dr Chopra said that to highlight the anguish and to urge the authorities to take immediate action against attackers to take immediate action against the culprit to restore their faith.

Doctors of Delhi have decided to go on a one day strike whereby will not see patients. All the OPDs will be closed on 14th June. Doctors from the government sector, the private sector, and the corporate sector will be participating in the protest.

Dr Chopra also informed that the nationwide stair is being planned and soon a Mahapanchayat shall be held in Delhi which will be hosted by the DMA to show the solidarity and instill the feeling of security in the minds of medical professionals so that they can practice with peace, commitment, and faith.

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Meanwhile, resident doctors associated with the government hospitals in the capital are also going to observe a cease work on June 14

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  1. user
    अनिल कुमार June 15, 2019, 6:27 am

    मानवता के पुजारीयों पर हमला,जीवन रक्षकों की सुरक्षा न होना दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण !
    लोकतंत्र के तीनों विभागों की निष्क्रियता दिखाती है
    न्यायपालिका को ऐसे वादों में शीघ्र व कठोर दण्ड देने होगें जिनमें जीवन रक्षकों पर हमला हो।
    विधायिका को कठोर कानून बनाने होगें,जिससे कोई चिकित्सकों पर हमला/मारपीट करने से पहले सोचे,ऐसे कृत्य को non bailable offence देना होगा।
    कार्यपालिका को तुरन्त संज्ञान लेना होगा ताकि इन मानवता के पुजारीयों के अन्दर डर व भय न रहे और हम सुरक्षित हैं,ऐसी शक्ति रहे और वे जात-पात,धर्म,देश से ऊपर उठकर पूर्व की भाँति कार्य करते रहें,कभी जीवनदायनी चिकित्सक हड़ताल पर न रहें ऐसा समाज को भी सोचना होगा।

  2. In most of such cases maximum is we get a written apology from the culprits.The goons once on bail, threatens victim to take case back & our legal system is so lengthy that u prefer to move forward .

  3. Sad, Government should protect life and liberty of doctor community. Doctors in general are stressed a lot in Government hospitals with meagre resources at their disposal.

  4. This incident is a classical example that there was no fear of police and punishment.This is routinely witnessed in villages if the victim\’s relatives are influencial particularly political.There was no need to bring lorry loads of goons and weapons against unarmed hospital staff. By assaulting the doctors, it is proved beyond doubt that they don\’t fear law because law and order is under control of state government.It was a planned attack on doctors out of anger and disappointment. People who sustain head injuries may not survive even with best treatment depending upon its severity and location within the skull.The only question often asked is whether required doctors were available and investigations were done quickly or not. Many times in government hospitals, the relatives of the patient become agitated when the specialist doctor on duty is away or does not come quickly and the required investigation facilities like CT, MRI are not available. After hours of waiting , if doctor refers the patient to higher center located more that 100 kms away can not be acceptable. The clinical examination and plan of action including the risks even after treatment should be explained in an understandable way at the earliest in the emergency itself.Is this happening routinely in government run hospitals?. The government should ensure that all required staff are present and all diagnostic facilities are available.Otherwise doctors will continue to face the risk of assault for the mistakes of the government.

  5. What are the immediate action over culprit just to arrest them for some days and leave them on bail so that they could do it again…..
    Action should be much strict over them
    Their should be registered and flashed at every hospital that further this person should not get treatment from any hospitals….
    The one who saves life.. Save life of that doctor tooo

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