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28 year old Male gynaecologist booked on allegations of inappropriately touching pregnant patient during medical examination

28 year old Male gynaecologist booked on allegations of inappropriately touching pregnant patient during medical examination

Pimpri:  Bringing into limelight, the urgent need of having chaperone guidelines while examination of a female patients, a case has been registered against a 28-year old male gynaecologist for allegedly touching a four-month pregnant lady in an appropriate manner during the process of medical examination

The young medico was booked after the woman filed a complaint against him in the local police station adding that she suffered molestation by the doctor as she was being examined in the labour ward, where no female staff was present.  While the college staff have come out in support of the doctor, based on the complaint, the doctor has been booked under IPC section 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty).

The young doctor native of Dharwad, Karnataka was appointed two weeks back at DY Patil Medical College Hospital. The allegations of inappropriate touch on the doctor were made by a 20-year-old woman who came to him immediately for the consultation after she had a fall at her home. The lady alleged that she was being treated at the labour ward in the non-presence of any female staff where she allegedly suffered molestation.

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She came out of the ward and told her relatives regarding the alleged incident. She was treated by senior doctors and meanwhile, the relatives decided to register a complaint against the gynaecologist.

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The woman filed the complaint at Pimpri police station where she alleged that the accused doctor had touched her private part inappropriately and asked did she feel like urinating.

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Sub-Inspector Haridas Bochare,  Pimpri police station explained to the Pune Mirror the incident lacks eyewitnesses and the probe is in its preliminary state.

He told the daily, “The complainant was firm in her allegation that she was violated, whereas the hospital officials claim that the doctor was trying to make the patient feel comfortable while doing his job. They claimed that female staffers were present when the examination was on. According to them, senior and junior doctors were present in the chamber when the incident happened”.

Following the alleged incident, the college authorities had denied any such allegations and informed that 10 ward staffers were present during the consultation and claimed it to be a false treatment.

The Dean, DY Patil Medical College Hospital, Dr JS Bhawalkar told the Pune Mirror, “Gynaecologists are required to touch the patient and maybe feel the bladder to examine the condition of a woman who is pregnant. We have ordered an internal probe, but prima facie this seems to be a fake complaint to frame an innocent youngster. We are sure that the police will establish the truth”.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier written about the GMC UK guidelines that are in place for Intimate Examination of patients

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  1. I agree with R N Jindal . She should have refused before examination . Better to have convent before examining female patient.

  2. It is a fake complaint. The patient should have refused to be examined by a male doctor before examination.

  3. user
    U asked 4 it!! June 27, 2019, 11:09 am

    Well well well…same old sob story to gain attention and exploit the doctors or incidences borne out of ignorance of not knowing what a gynec examination is all about. In this particular case she went for examination after a fall when she was pregnant…so the doctor needs to know if the membrane has ruptured and internal exam is the only way to know that…..but to simplify things….have a detailed consent taken for gynec exam…that two fingers will enter the lower front orifice commonly known as vagina…one finger may even touch the clitoris accidentally, and in certain cases you may have to examine the back lower orifice(commonly called ass hole), etc and then have presence of at least 5 witnesses, especially one being a male relative of the patient…preferably father or devar.
    And the charlue below named Ashok wants gynec discipline for lsdues only! Why? Is he an underperformer? Scared that his wife may relush gynec exam by a male doctor?

  4. user
    Abdul samad Burhan June 27, 2019, 6:48 pm

    They may say the hospital staff (male or BC female) was trying to seduce while I was in pain!!! There was so much talk about vagina, clitoris, asshole,. My God.
    When a complaint about bladder sensation is mistaken then God knows what will be the reaction to vagina clitoris asshole etc
    We have to have a chaperone. Yes. But THOSE who are dumb OR crooked will come with complaints.

  5. Reserve Gynecologist discipline to Ladies only….

  6. user
    Dr Abdul samad Burhan June 27, 2019, 6:38 pm

    What about piles surgery, breast surgery.
    Ophthalmologists put eye into eye of a patient; so only male eye doctors for male patient and female eye doctors for female patient.
    Another thing is no Non doctors should be registered on this website, ATTENTION WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR!!!

  7. user
    U asked 4 it!! June 27, 2019, 11:12 am

    Ru really scared that ur wife may really relish this exam by a male doctor!!!!!

  8. If such will be the situation, then no male Pg will take gynaecology as a pg subject. Very pathetic state for doctors to work now a days.

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