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7th Pay Commission: Govt ignores demands on NPA, doctors prepare for protest

7th Pay Commission: Govt ignores demands on NPA, doctors prepare for protest

New Delhi: With the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission coming into force from July 1, 2017, The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recently approved the recommendations of the 7th CPC on allowances with some modifications.

It is reported that while approving the recommendations of the 7th CPC on 29th June, 2016, the Cabinet had decided to set up the Committee on Allowances (CoA) in view of substantial changes in the existing provisions and a number of representations received. The modifications are based on suggestions made by the CoA in its Report submitted to Finance Minister on 27th April, 2017 and the Empowered Committee of Secretaries set up to screen the recommendations of 7th CPC.

What are the NEW Recommendations on Allowances?

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Some of the recommendations on allowances that are relevant to the medical and allied medical practitioners include :-

  1. HRA is currently paid @ 30% for X (population of 50 lakh & above), 20% for Y (5 to 50 lakh) and 10% for Z (below 5 lakh) category of cities. 7th CPC has recommended reduction in the existing rates to 24% for X, 16% for Y and 8% for Z category of cities. As the HRA at the reduced rates may not be sufficient for employees falling in lower pay bracket, it has been decided that HRA shall not be less than 5400, 3600 and 1800 for X, Y and Z category of cities respectively. This floor rate has been calculated @ 30%, 20% and 10% of the minimum pay of 18000.Moreover, 7th CPC had also recommended that HRA rates will be revised upwards in two phases to 27%, 18% and 9% when DA crosses 50% and to 30%, 20% and 10% when DA crosses 100%. Keeping in view the current inflation trends, the Government has decided that these rates will be revised upwards when DA crosses 25% and 50% respectively. This will benefit all employees who do not reside in government accommodation and get HRA.
  2. Existing rate of Nursing Allowance has been increased from ₹4800 per month to ₹7200per month.
  3. Rate of Operation Theatre Allowance has been increased from ₹360 per month to ₹540 per month.
  4. Rates of Hospital Patient Care Allowance / Patient Care Allowance have been increased from ₹2070 – ₹2100 per month to ₹4100 – ₹5300 per month. 7th CPC recommendations modified to the extent that it will be granted to Ministerial staff also

Government Silent of Non Practising Allowance

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The 7th Pay Commission, had brought huge disappointment to the medical fraternity, after it had reduced the Non-Practising Allowance (NPA), an allowance given exclusively to doctors, from 25% to 20%. Moreover, it had delinked the NPA from the basic pay for further calculations such as HRA

Doctors had immediately objected to the recommendations, then running pillar to post to restore at the very least the status quo of the NPA. Numerous meetings were held with the between the doctors as well as various ministries including health as well as finance, with the government promising to look into this major demand of the medical fraternity.

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However, now that the recommendations on allowances are out, Medical practitioners are simply aghast as  their demands have been blatantly ignored. There is no mention of the NPA in the allowance recommendations recently given, implying that government has accepted the recommendation of the reduced and delinked NPA.

” We had followed proper channels, apprising both the health and the finance ministers, respectively  about our demands, especially on NPA. Despite this, government has completely ignored all our demands,” said Dr Rajeev Sood, Vice President, Delhi Medical Association.

Dr Pankaj Solanki President FORDA said, ” We are clearly unsattisfied by the allowance committee report since it has neglected us. We are not going to sit down and watch them play with our NPA which is actually a fundamental right of each and every doctor. Even the courts in the past have said this, making it amply clear that NPA is not a separate allowance but a part of the basic pay of doctors.”

What Next?

Doctors are quite shocked with the allowance recommendations, as they were hoping that thier demands are going to be considered by the government. Leading associations have already begun meeting to decide their future course of action.

” To show our protest, all government doctors are going to wear black bands to work on the 1st July, that is, Doctors Day. We are also calling a meeting of government doctors organisation soon to decide our future course of action,” added Dr Sood, who is also the President of Joint Action Council of Service Doctor Organisation, JACSDO, an umbrella body of 11 organised and unorganised associations including  Central Health Services (CHS), Indian Railway Medical Services (IRMS), Indian Ordinance Health Services (IOHS), MCD, NDMC, Delhi administration and ESIC.

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  1. Please contact accounts officers in Lakshadweep. Doctors in Lakshadweep UT service is getting NPA linked to allowances(all allowances other than HRA) also. Same pay commission, same Govt. of India, stille they draw all benefits. Even those allowances which are generally allowed to employees having national service liability are being taken by local employees who never travel outside Lakshadweep. Accounts officers in Lakshadweep have wonderful ideas.

  2. Want to share two things that this govt has taken W/o giving any thought to it as if the effected section of peoples are their private property:- (a) Govt should enhance the NPA to 30% rather than reducing it. (b) The Govt has abolished free ration for Armed Forces Officer posted in peace areas.Can\’t under stand why.Every body in the force will get it barring a few thousand ( Around 10,000 ) officers by virtue of their posting.Some one has to be posted in peace areas for general purpose duty and why should they suffer when soldiers & Jr commissioned officers are getting.Bloody ridiculous/no end to personal whims & fancies-MK

  3. Does a teacher gets \”Non practicing allowance\”, same for soldier, engineer, architect, or for that matter any member of society? Everybody can give extra service than what they are offering as part of the GOVT. Dont like NPA? please leave the job, someone else will take it. Doctors are just like anyother service provider. Stop eating up tax payers money for nothing.

  4. user
    Satish chaudhary July 2, 2017, 5:24 pm

    Govt should either allow private practice or keep the NPA @25% of basic pay and should be added to decide the other allownces such as HRA.

  5. Clinical branch must have fixed working hours and is allowed to private practice after that.

  6. user
    Gurudutt joshi July 1, 2017, 3:28 pm

    The people who used to talk about removing CORRUPTION from the country are themselves promoting the samee by not offering appropriate salary at appropriate time. The present govt. has done the same thing . Govt. itself is the stimulus for promoting and escalating corruption , naturally any employee when not given proper salary will turn to unfair means for getting the same and expecting good governance and good work from doctors in service rather it will brake the moral of good doctors working in govt. institutions. Time is coming when medical profession ,medical teaching will go down to bottom ,its not away.

  7. user
    Saurabh Sutradhar December 31, 2017, 5:11 pm

    WELL SAID SIR. Very true indeed

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