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Action on MCI registered doctors not registered with state council: TSMC

Action on MCI registered doctors not registered with state council: TSMC

Hyderabad: Just a few days after the Maharashtra Medical Council, through its suspension of a leading orthopedic surgeon, made it clear that state council registrations are a must to practice, action has now been announced by Telangana State Medical Council ( TSMC) against medical practitioners that are working with the private hospitals in the state without getting registration with the state medical council.

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It is reported that registration with the Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC), mandates one-year government service by medical practitioners after completing their PG. The action comes after the state medical council found that many doctors after completing their PG courses, while avoiding their compulsory service were getting registered with MCI in order to practice and simultaneously boycotting registrations with the state council to avoid the condition.

As a result, the TSMC has now written to all the private medical colleges and hospitals in the state reiterating that completing one-year government service is mandatory for all doctors with PG qualification in private and government hospitals and that the council is not going to provide registrations to doctors for practicing in the state unless they complete this one year government service

In a circular to principals of all the private medical colleges and hospitals, Chairman of TSMC, E Ravinder Reddy said that completing one-year government service was mandatory for all doctors with PG qualification in private and government hospitals.

“It is reliably learnt that some of the medical practitioners are practicing with the registration of Medical Council of India (MCI) in corporate hospitals without registration with Telangana State Medical Council (avoiding one-year compulsory resident service). Such Medical Practitioners are liable for disciplinary action as per the Act in TSMC,” the circular from the Chairman TSMC, E Ravinder Reddy said.

Telangana Today reports that, as a part of the disciplinary action, the names of private hospitals where doctors with MCI registration but without TSMC registration will be reported to the concerned District Medical and Health Officer (DM&HO), the circular cautioned.

Medical Dialogues team had recently reported that the Maharashtra Medical Council had suspended a leading orthopedic surgeon for a period of 5 years for practicing without MMC license.

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  1. user
    Mahender Goriganti March 9, 2018, 9:51 am

    Power lay by all medical councils for justification of their existence not for any other useful reason.

  2. I think time has come to make the MCI registration all India, with possible extension to individual states.This state-vide arbitrariness has to be stopped.

  3. user
    Mahender Rao Goriganti March 9, 2018, 9:54 am

    Stupid power play by useless, toothless, unemployable state councils exist just like many other government orgs for corruption (job creations) has become a gold standard politics .

  4. Now & then every state is making state medical registration mandatory for practice medicine, then do we really need MCI at all. If MCI is supreme authority, why not it pass a resolution & amend the law that the state registration is not mandatory, if that can\’t be done, then what\’s the purpose of MCI existence.?? These days it\’s everyday problem now,high time why not we sought the help from apex court of India. Our own people are enemy of our feternity,as the doctors are easy target to make.

  5. user
    Dr Surendra Kumar saxena September 17, 2017, 12:59 pm

    This shows that state council are not a part of MCI ,that\’s why they are ignoring MCI registration time may come when they have their own constitution and may provide registration to other pathies and Jhola chap doctors too ignoring MCI rules.
    There are many universities but all of them follows Univesity grant commission rules and regulations.
    Registration with state council may be made mandatory but not punishable in the form of suspension etc. Monetary penalty may be imposed, in public interest.
    Advocates can practice any where once they are registered with Bar council of state or HC
    States must think on this matter and make uniform policy in consultation with MCI and should not harras doctors.

  6. The registration with MCI is quite valid in any state including the UTs and in addition if the state govt wishes to increase their revenues by rerigisteing them,they can announce and do it .But to disqualify them totally
    Is extreme .Respect central organisation like MCI.
    States can announce that a nominal fee is needed to reregister the MCI registered ones and a time frame can be given.
    But giving a huge publicity as if they are criminal elements hiding in corporates are crossing the limits of decency, respect and propriety.
    Let them concentrate on people who are not registered at all.
    Let the MCI give a clarity to its offsprings – the state registers to observe some restraint on this issue.
    Let them make a rule that if Any one hold one registration either MCI or state it is sufficient .